Testimonial: Jamie Jensen’s Story

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Hello, everyone! Today, Jamie Jensen is sharing her story and a testimonial about overcoming negative emotion, transforming herself, and personal growth. Here’s what she had to say:

How did you feel before we began our connection into a new frequency?

When I first hired Nicola, I was still reeling from the most traumatic loss of my life and navigating trauma and grief alongside many swirling and overwhelming gifts as an empath. I was in deep grief, and even the most joyful days were still filled with intense anxiety.

How much was it costing you in the emotional space you were experiencing before we came to work together?

As a coach and strategist, I had hit a wall in terms of holding space and serving my clients. It was costing me thousands of dollars to stay in that space emotionally. I wasn’t able to focus on work without getting distracted. I wasn’t able to receive new clients — they were showing up, but I wasn’t able to serve them at my highest capacity so the enrollments were stalled entirely. Plus, I felt out of control and not “in my power.” My intuition had been guiding me towards expanding my spiritual and healing toolkit and education. I just knew Nicola was the mentor I needed.

Is there anything you can share about any transformation you saw for yourself, during and after our time together and what you experienced and learned?

There were so many shifts. I released lifetimes of trauma, learned to hold space for myself and heal myself in a new way, experienced a new level of energetic boundaries with others — both friends and clients — where my body didn’t feel as tired, burnt out, or bloated after being with others who were processing deep emotions. There’s a new level of trust I have with myself that I’ve never had before — and I can more easily identify what’s ‘off’ when I feel my frequency drop. In addition, I’ve become more and more clear on my own ideal clients — which was a totally unexpected outcome that has led to a new level of focus, clarity, and freedom in my own business operations. This has been HUGE, especially as someone who is highly creative and multi-passionate.

What would you say now about your frequency about yourself and understanding the larger picture of how we all impact each other?

It’s my personal responsibility to maintain my frequency so I can more positively impact others and sustain the energy I need to serve as a coach, strategist, and healer — but most importantly as a human being. We are all in this together.

Would you recommend my work to help others raise their frequency for a more fulfilled life, new perspectives on old belief patterns, letting go and seeing a new direction for themselves?

I would highly recommend working with Nicola if you’re ready to finally shed the energy, beliefs, contracts, and patterns that have been dictating your life unconsciously and subconsciously. It’s deep work, it’s life-changing work, and it’s terrifying work. BUT it’s powerful and it’s real. I’ve worked with tons of coaches and healers over the years, and this work was the deepest, most lasting transformation and energetic upgrade I’ve ever experienced.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Jamie. If you want to learn more about Jamie’s works, or even apply to work with her, click here to visit her website. In addition to being an award-winning screenwriter and entrepreneur, she helps teach for-good businesses to use story to boost their impact and income. To learn more about how to decode and calm your emotions, click here to check out my course. In it, I help you learn to understand your emotions with your emotional freedom self-care kit.

Thank you so much for reading, and remember to stay mindful.


Nicola Salter, Mindset Mentor and Empowerment Coach