The investment plan I select will then begin according to terms outlined below:

  • I understand and agree to the terms outlined.
  • If for any reason I choose not to continue or choose to stop participating I will continue to be financially liable for the investment fees of this program.
  • If I need to schedule or postpone a session I will give Nicola notice within three days of the scheduled time and Nicola will do the same.
  • I understand I have a maximum of 3.5 months from the start of the program to complete it, if I require extra session time for personal issues I would like to work on, in addition to my goals and the program, I will pay my additional investment accordingly for those extra sessions
  • If due to illness I am unable to complete the program, Nicola will work with you to create a new schedule.
  • I am happy to send my assignments for Nicola’s attention one day prior to my session.
  • I agree not to distribute or use any of Nicola’s program materials with other people, or use terms or phrases that appear on her materials ie Unique Brilliance, Divine Right Client, Hero’s Journey, Transformational Process, (re)Define Yourself.
  • I agree to hold my investment fees in confidence between myself and Nicola Salter and I will not reveal them.
  • I understand that my sessions cannot be given to anyone else.
  • I understand there are no refunds, only rescheduling of sessions within an agreed time limit.
  • Nicola Salter has permission to acknowledge me publicly as a client. (Optional)
  • Nicola respects my privacy and will not share any of my information or personal details with any outside source, except with my permission.
  • I agree to pay my investment fees on time and show up 100%.
Nicola Salter, Mindset Mentor and Empowerment Coach