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empowered woman in search of life's purpose

Your Life’s Purpose is Hiding Within Your Own Heart

819 1024 Nicola Salter

Knowing your life’s purpose is important. In search of life’s purpose, you must embrace your unique brilliance. As the name of my…

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050: Face and Embrace the Fear — with Phenomenal Guest, Pamela Lowe (Nicola’s Mom)

1024 512 Nicola Salter

In Nicola’s 50th landmark podcast episode, she celebrates with her own personal journey in war-torn Beirut and how her ‘Yes I Can’…

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Claudia Helade on Your Unique Brilliance Podcast with Nicola Salter

020: How to Overcome Your Excuses and Procrastination — with Dr. Claudia Helade

1024 512 Nicola Salter

Discover 4 powerful tips for avoiding procrastination and dive into that life of adventure which is calling you.  Dr Claudia Helade helps…

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