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Julie Solomon on Your Unique Brilliance Podcast with Nicola Salter

006: Find Out How Your Success is Hiding Within Your Own Heart — with Julie Solomon

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In today’s episode Nicola shares the reason it is so super important knowing your purpose in life and introduces you to the wonderful Julie Solomon who is the creator of the Influencer Academy and the extremely popular Influencer Podcast. She is a proud mum and wife, and we find out how she balances all of this and discover why she loves having purpose in her life.

Discover tips for connecting to your purpose and coming home to your truest self and finding the ‘Yes’ in your life! This is my truth!


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002: Creating Your Life’s Design — with Erica Korman

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No matter where you are in your life, your life’s design is waiting for you. Discover some new perspectives and steps about connecting with your life’s purpose and making the changes to feel more fulfilled in all areas of your work, personal relationships, family and lifestyle and hear how today’s beautiful guest Erica Korman transformed her life and went from being a Psychotherapist to a successful celebrity Psychic Medium, and what she did to make this leap and huge transformation in her life.

001: Happy New Year! 4 Key Tips for Success in 2019 & About This Show — with Nicola Salter

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Discover what this podcast is all about and share a cup of tea with Nicola as she dives into the new year with exciting and powerful tips to help you make 2019 your year of success and greater fulfillment.

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