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Testimonial: Jamie Jensen’s Story

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Hello, everyone! Today, Jamie Jensen is sharing her story and a testimonial about overcoming negative emotion, transforming herself, and personal growth. Here’s…

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SAD and Seasonal Depression: Let’s Tackle It

1024 576 Nicola Salter

As we enter November, Seasonal Affective Disorder shows itself once again. Seasonal Affective Disorder, also referred to as SAD, is the clinical…

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Creativity: How to Understand its Power

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Today, let’s talk about creativity and the emotions it brings with it. Fulfilling your creative desires is one of the most satisfying…

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Laura Rhodes Levin

027: 3 Tips for Letting Go of the Past — with Laura Rhodes Levin

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If you are finding yourself forever looking backwards when times were different or seemed better, or still holding onto some shame, guilt…

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Nicola Salter