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011: 4 Tips for Dropping the Need for Perfection and the Science Behind Why We Can Multitask So Well — with Julia Zarro

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You are already perfect! Yes, today we are going to be talking about the importance of working passionately at what you love, not sacrificing your life and avoiding that driving need for perfection, whilst we explore the science behind multi-tasking and why us women are just so good at it (and forget we need to keep it in balance).

Research has shown women find it easier than men to multitask and switch between tasks. Women can jump between incoming emails, phone calls, and assignments, while running in and out of meetings more easily.  However, both women and men slowed down and made more mistakes as they switched tasks and tried to work faster.  You are going to discover more today about multitasking and why letting go of being 200% perfect is ok.

Nicola’s very special guest today is her best friend and sister, Julia Zarro, who is the very epitome of being able to balance life and work whilst leading an Experiential Marketing Agency for some of the largest Tech organizations in the world.




Dr Sadie Gal Sanders

008: How Creating More Boundaries Empowers and Improves Your Success — with Dr. Sadie Sanders

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This episode is all about cutting back on multitasking … yesss…. Horror .. we can hear most of you say …. As we strive for perfection and taking on the task of becoming super woman – this  can bring about burnout, and make us scattered. Ultimately, we don’t end up achieving much of anything during our day sending us into a frustrating dark hole.

Today Nicola shares some tips with you about creating boundaries for yourself as you move forward in your life, so you can create the space you need to do the things that are important for you as well as balancing the responsibilities of life and work.

You will also get to hear from the highly talented Dr Sadie Gal Sanders who is owner and operator of Health & Human Performance, the highest-rated chiropractic and holistic health clinic in Woodland Hills California, about the huge value and success she has gained at work and for herself by setting boundaries, and how she does it.



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