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Nicola’s 3 Nuggets of Wisdom For Women in Business

1024 683 Nicola Salter

Helping my clients, business women and entrepreneurs to avoid overwhelm and burnout and stay connected with their business is my goal, so…

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Money: Balancing Spirituality and Finances

1024 692 Nicola Salter

Many people think that in order to be successful with money, we need to give up spirituality. Or, to be spiritual, we…

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S2E34: 4 Steps to Financial & Spiritual Wellness — with guest, Susan Berkowitz

1024 512 Nicola Salter

This week’s episode humanizes our approach to money and the balance we can create with our financial self and spiritual self without…

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Monetizing Your Worth: Making Money Doing What You Love

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3 key tips to consider when you begin thinking about what changes you would like to make for yourself and how to…

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