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007: How to Rewire Your Brain for Success — with Nicola Salter

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Nicola shares the way in which our brains work to create new ways of thinking, creating what we want in the world, feeding your brain and how you can rewire your brain for success This is a diamond nugget episode!

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005: Discover the Secret Sauce for Manifesting What You Want — with Nicola Salter

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Yes! In today’s show Nicola will share how to manifest what you want by setting your goals correctly in the first place, and it is all to do with your emotions and you will get to discover more about her 67 minute online program, The Holistic Manifestation Method – 5 Keys for Creating What You Want in The World.

‘The Secret’ introduced you to the idea of positive thinking to enable manifestation, now take it to the next level … this is what you needed to hear and they forgot to include.

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