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Money: Balancing Spirituality and Finances

1024 692 Nicola Salter

Many people think that in order to be successful with money, we need to give up spirituality. Or, to be spiritual, we…

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Testimonial: Jamie Jensen’s Story

900 600 Nicola Salter

Hello, everyone! Today, Jamie Jensen is sharing her story and a testimonial about overcoming negative emotion, transforming herself, and personal growth. Here’s…

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How Conscious Fear Serves to Reconnect to Compassion, a 30-minute meditation with Nicola Salter

How Conscious Fear Serves to Reconnect to Compassion

1024 576 Nicola Salter

A guided, 30-minute meditation designed to help you connect to yourself and humanity, with Nicola Salter.

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003: What is Your Motivating Moment for Change? — with Nicola Salter

1024 512 Nicola Salter

Today, Nicola shares her personal journey and the moment she recalls which motivated her to make a change in her life for…

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