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I am sitting here sipping my chilled hibiscus tea, loving it with a dash of lemon and a peppermint leaf daintily placed on the top of the ice.  It needs more honey, but I feel so quiet and peaceful I really don’t want to break the moment by moving to the kitchen.

‘Life is short, make it sweet’, Sri Kaleshwar once said, and he’s right. Savor those moments of stillness and peacefulness in your life to listen to your soul, that inner voice that reveals your true essence and all of those inspirations that come to you, or Ah Ha moments … Your personal tea ceremony for a few moments each day can become the moments you use for inner contemplation and and inspiration.  A tea break away from the rush of the day provides the opportunity to look at your life and perhaps create some new realities or life changing events for you to truly experience the freedom and adventure that your life wants to offer you.

For divine inspiration and perhaps opening more to a greater understanding of your life’s journey, the bigger perspective that your challenges and gifts bring you to help you connect with your life’s purpose, I like to drink green tea matcha.  Just as the Buddhist monks drink matcha to help relax and yet focus for 6 hours of meditation in one sitting, we can drink it to help us tap into our deeply creative states and sustain concentration. Even ice blended on those hot summer days will help to relax and create space in your brain.

Create the space, stretch into the moment of making your cup of tea and stretch time in your day for a few more minutes at least. These are the best of times11914866_xxl

In good health. Nicola

I hope to see you at the World Tea Expo in Long Beach, CA on Friday 8th May, I will be giving at one hour lecture at 12.30 pm on the Beau’tea of Tea.. see you then 🙂

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Nicola Salter, Mindset Mentor and Empowerment Coach