057: The Moment Your Calling Calls You… And Then… (PART 1) — with Sonia Jackson Myles

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Join Nicola today as she introduces the most loving, generous, kind and driven woman, Sonia Jackson Myles, who has a mission to bring 1 billion women and girls together to learn how to love themselves and each other and drive out the socialization of competing as women.

Sonia’s background is in Corporate America, and before launching the Sister Accord she spent 20 + years of experience, managing over $20 Billion in spend. She has worked for the Ford Motor Company, The Gillette Company and The Proctor & Gamble Company. Her last corporate role was as P&G’s Director, Global Packaging Purchasing, managing $6 Billion in spend.

Discover how she took a huge step out of her comfort zone, and the corporate world, to prove her heart based passion to help women recognize their inner beauty and talents with each other, and follow her mission to become the Founder, President & CEO of The Sister Accord® Foundation, which has 3 areas of focus: Educating girls and women, Enlightening girls and women of the Power of Sisterhood and Eradicating bullying and violence against girls and women.

Sonia is also CEO of The Accord Group LLC, which is a leadership development, executive coaching, employee engagement, branding & diversity consultancy. She launched her Dreamwalking® Executive Coaching & Leadership Development Program in 2015 and now has hundreds of “Dreamwalkers” (Mentees) walking in purpose and Designing Their Destinies.

These next two episodes will give you sound bites about leading in business as a woman, recognizing the patterns in your life that add up to your direction and mission, giving love and kindness as a true strength and the courage it takes to do this when you are not receiving it back. Dropping the socialization that women have been exposed to, to compete and gossip about each other, rather than identifying strengths that are unique to each of us, and collaborating. No longer feeling we need to be chosen based on our looks, how hard we work and perhaps need to drop this need to be recognized as equals but know we are.

Discover Sonia’s personal journey through the corporate world and how it impacted and trained her for where she is now, and sometimes we just don’t know it, but we are being prepared for something greater, if we choose and pay attention.

“I love you sister”.

The Sister Accord is for all women of all nationalities, color and race. Discover what the Sister Accord does to help girls, women, young men and men across the world to unify and understand what drives them and their triggers, as Nicola and Sonia discuss triggers and underlying emotional wounds that make us react and act out.

When you first hear Sonia say “I love you sister” you may think ‘that’s not for me ‘ , you may think its ‘too emotional’, you may deny it, but after a while, ‘I love you sister’ grows on you … you will see. Even in corporate America, Sonia is now instilling this message into the corporate language which is now being seen in the products and services major corporations are creating.

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