Taking Care of Yourself & Business – Mastery Mentoring for Solution Providers


If, like many Solution Providers you love doing your work and supporting others, but there are days when you feel your resilience and creativity draining, feeling tired, or realizing that no matter how many hours you work, you are not going to reach your own personal financial and fulfillment goals easily. It is time to work more effectively, still passionately but not giving up your life to do what you love.

The ‘Taking Care of Yourself Mastery Mentoring’ short program, is now available for Solution Providers (Mentors, Coaches, Health Care Professionals – Traditional Health Care and Complementary).

Specifically tailored by Nicola following her experiences as a solution provider for the last 22 years; the program is designed for those professionals who give:

  • a lot of their energy and attention to clients and need tools to take care of themselves to create coherence, resilience and grounding
  • who want to create additional passive income easily
  • identify new perspectives and focus for expanding their practice without giving up life
  • working with clients they love
  • monetizing their unique skills and gifts that make a difference
  • freshening up their potential and leading them to their best next steps.


Clear focused choices, living the life you want, generating income creatively and stepping away from self-sabotage. These are just some of the benefits Solution Providers can expect to experience and build into their own practices to get immediate results and reconnect to their sense of fulfillment and excitement about how they help their clients move forward.

Discovering and finding your truth will up-level your success, be rewarding, and impact the community you want to serve.


In just 9 weeks, you will be looking at new pathways for your personal and business success.

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Nicola Salter, Mindset Mentor and Empowerment Coach