Results Driven Coaching Backed by Experience, Innovation, Understanding & Character

This is your time to stand up for what you want without constantly taking care of others’ needs, get some focus and discover what you are all about, and where you want
your life path to take you.

You have found your way here because you know you are powerful but you want someone with a ton of experience to help you join the dots on what it is you are supposed to be doing, and get new perspectives to help you take action.


You want someone to hear you and see the impact all of your life’s experiences and how you can create a service, or expand your business You want them to collaborate with you and show you how to build out on these experiences and create a service, product or business that really aligns with you and your community … and monetize!

Let’s get honest about your struggle

Making time for you, overcoming your fear of your own power, self-doubt, self-sacrificing, making a change and imposter syndrome are just some of the inner barriers we carry around with us.
You compare yourself with everyone else’s successes. You want to create something, save time, money and energy by working with someone who can quickly identify and maximize your potential, and help you create the confidence to take action and go out into the world and do it!

Reclaim Your Spirit

Working in partnership with Nicola is a powerful, safe collaboration to help you identify and drop those sabotaging emotional wounds, those inner barriers to success and create an empowered beautiful foundation to accelerate your dreams.
Nicola has the uncanny ability to pinpoint where your fears are originating and then how to break free. This step is often overlooked by many coaches but this is the catalyst for your success to see through the transformations you want to make.
She will then help you discover and polish your purpose and moving forward coach you to make your purpose a reality into a sustainable business, or life path, depending on your goal.

You Deserve To Be Seen and Heard

For this level of work you want to feel taken care of and trust the person you are working with. This is a once in a lifetime investment and it needs to be the right fit.

Nicola isn’t just recently trained, she has over 26 years mentoring and coaching experience working at a deeply emotional level to help women step into their authentic selves, create more freedom, success, new chapters and businesses for themselves.

She was born and raised in London, England and then ,without a network ,successfully created a new life chapter for herself in Los Angeles. To date she has supported 16000 women opening their eyes to new perspectives, helping them trust their intuition, and releasing old emotions safely in therapy and clinical settings.

ReDEFINE YOUrself Coaching Services

Empowering Your Power: Master Your Mindset, Purpose and Flow

Personal Coaching over three months. 6 one-hour sessions.

These powerful sessions are ideal if you want to discover your purpose and how you can apply this for work and in your personal life. In addition, how to empower and retrain your mindset for the transformation you crave and move forward with your purpose confidently, and identify those key limiting beliefs and inner blocks that are preventing you from making that transition you know you have within you.

At the end of these sessions you will have defined your purpose in life, one action step for moving forward and identified.

This coaching will help you to:

  • Discover your unique brilliance, your personal code that is a hidden part of you and is your blueprint for who you really are and your purpose. Once you have discovered your purpose it resonates deeply within you and becomes your ‘north’ on your compass helping you to stay on track and committed to your new journey.
  • Address your mindset – letting go of your specific fears and becoming unstuck is fundamental to your transformation and taking your purpose out into the world. You and Nicola create a powerful and safe partnership working on inner barriers to help you release those self-sabotaging fears, doubts, and wounds that hold you stuck.
  • Discover when these wounds began and how to clear them using science proven methods and holistic tools, Nicola has been using for 26 years with her clients.
  • Move forward with your best next steps and mastering your mindset, purpose and flow.

ReDEFINE YOU & Maximize Your Diamond Potential

Twelve personal two hour sessions over 3 months of personal empowerment & mindset coaching with Nicola with email access.

  • This program totally pulls ‘you’ together, with Nicola’s powerful 5 Pillar Blueprint that is perfect if you are looking to begin a new chapter or want to create a business but unsure of how and what to offer.
  • This powerful coaching is an evolutionary 1:1 personal mentoring and mindset empowerment approach to create, package and monetize yourself and/or your business in a more fulfilling deeply connected way that above all truly expresses your purpose, your personality and the life you want to design.
  • You will receive a 90 page workbook that contains all of our notes and reminders of tools and methods we use, plus a done for you overview of your messaging, branding and next steps.
  • For more details visit (Re)Define Yourself.
  • Nicola can provide the who, where when and how! And HOW!

ReDEFINE YOU Single Coaching Breakthrough Session

One-hour session

  • During your time together Nicola will help you create greater clarity and focus on your inspirations and goals with intuitive guidance, insights and brainstorming to help you make the change you want to see for yourself.
  • This session will give you the opportunity to experience Nicola’s style and you will receive one method to help you make the breakthrough you seek.

Interested in learning more? Click here to dig a little deeper!

Other Programs

Reconnect With Your Power & Intuitive Feminine Brilliance: Reclaim Your Powerful Self Mastermind

Discover the strength and value of your feminine in leadership, work, and relationships for balance and empowerment through this powerful group mastermind.
This mastermind is designed to help women from all walks of life,  connect more deeply to their higher selves, honor their voice, their emotions, manifest without ego, and discover all of the fierce unwavering elements that exist within them, to empower and create their own success model that doesn’t need to follow the traditional male paradigm of success.


This is a time for making space for you, to separate from work for a few hours each month,  and create a sacred space where you can take the time to rediscover who you are, own your value and grow your life and work in an entirely new and more connected conscious way.


Schedule your FREE 30-minute discovery call with Nicola over Zoom to go over any questions or concerns before getting started.

Nicola Salter, Mindset Mentor and Empowerment Coach