(re)Define Yourself

Monetize Your Worth & Maximize Your Diamond Potential

Spiritual, Mindset & Business Mentoring Like No Other

Powerful 1:1 Mentoring To Redefine Yourself, Maximize & Monetize Your Potential

Once you step into this program you will experience positive personal shifts at a level you may never have thought possible. This mentoring is a combination of deeply connecting with who you are and aligning this to your business then monetizing your offering in a unique, fulfilled way. This is holistic business mentoring and coaching at its finest. If you are:

  • feeling blocked
  • looking to scale in a more connected way of expanding your business
  • tired of working with clients who won’t pay your fees
  • wanting to support clients who value your work and you value them
  • loving your business but feel stuck, or trapped
  • a budding solo-preneur who wants to quit their 9-5
  • overwhelmed and unclear of your direction
  • wanting to develop your business/leadership mindset
The ‘(re)Define Yourself Experience’ is an evolutionary 1:1 personal mentoring and mindset empowerment approach to create, package and monetize yourself and/or your business in a more fulfilling deeply connected way that above all truly expresses your purpose, your personality and the life you want to design.

“Nicola is magic! Her work is profound — she combines her pure intuition and other tools to uncover the gems that you have to offer the world, then inspires you to pursue them.”

– Eugenia Kuzmina, super model, actor, comedienne

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Nicola has created this program for busy women running a business, career and family who want fast results so they can move forward building a sustainable business direction that brings them financial freedom.

You will get new perspectives, new ideas, insights and ‘how to’s’ with her mentoring. You will never go back to who you once were. Just better.

Imagine creating a clear path for yourself that will empower and transform your mindset whilst building expansion, stability and success.

If you have been thinking about redefining yourself, making a change, working smarter not harder, this one of a kind powerful program is designed to help budding and established womentrepreneurs quickly discover their purpose, powerfully let go of limiting beliefs, creatively and connectedly develop a service or offering that truly represents them and then successfully monetize to maximize their diamond potential.

I want to help you build consistently and be around for the long-term when everyone else has run out of juice. I am excited to show you this unique method of magnetizing the right clients and business steps with my 5 step program.

Why You Might Want to Work With Me

As a woman, I know you are multi-skilled and have an amazing capacity, but you can over do things at times.  This is what we do as women, get a little scattered, don’t set boundaries and then get overwhelmed.

I get it. I did the same once.  Working with me means you have someone on your side who totally understands our female logic, fears, roller coaster of emotions but who can keep you on track, define your purpose, retrain your brain around some of those negative beliefs you have and still create an offering or business you can monetize.

You know you have it within you to create and build something that is fulfilling for you and will create the financial freedom you deserve.

There is never the perfect time, because now is the  perfect time, all I ask is that you commit to making the time to do this and we can discuss how this works.

I can help you gain:

  • leadership, focus and direction
  • the right message
  • discovery of your ‘low hanging fruit’
  • your undiscovered hidden gems to monetize
  • your true self –  break free of imposter syndrome, low self-esteem, fear-based emotions that are holding you back and move you into new belief patterns that will stick
  • the connection to your ‘why’ and your unique brilliance that will spill into all areas of your life and business direction
  • your next steps

This is a combination of mindset, intuitive growth, practical business based coaching and mentoring to help you be around for the long-term, clear about your choices plus what is and what isn’t a fit for you….

This is how I built my business. Oh yeah… and it’s a love of fun — even “magical.”

“We discovered that my unique brilliance is to really awaken that magic within people that inspires the courage from within to create and share in meaningful way.”

– Julie Solomon, founder, The Influencer Academy

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Join Me To Brainstorm & Build Your Long-term, Sustainable Success

Complete this Discovery Form today and schedule your one-hour session with Nicola for insights, guidance on your present situation and actionable steps on how to move forward.

The cost of staying stuck impacts everything in our lives, relationships, finances, home, our emotions. I love helping women professionals and heart-based influencers create and build a lifestyle for themselves that successfully balances work and play.


Discover easy, effective, profound tools that you will love using:

  • how to reprogram your brain and put your attention on what you want rather than continuously focusing on what isn’t working …
  • a 12 week series of powerful one-on-one exclusive sessions, weekly, to open you to new perspectives in your life, empower and encourage fulfillment,purpose,  success and prosperity.
  •  smoothly, easily and effectively create that new direction/business/product success you have been looking for.
  •  close the gap from where you are now to where you want to be with a final product/offering that is packaged, monetized and totally in alignment with you and your goals in life.
  •  a simple yet powerful 5 step process that encourages you to become, again, the best expression of yourself, in relationships, career and life.
  •  a unique, fast, simple and profound process that brings amazing results in a short turnaround period and works with you on an emotional as well as practical level to open doors you may never have considered.
  •  heart based intuitive mentoring completely individualized for you, with the emphasis on self-awareness and task orientated methods encourage clarity, confidence, broader perspectives, new vistas and exciting opportunities so you can live your life from a place of purpose and success.


  • Done for you content and next steps roadmap – a personally designed written portrait of you and template specifically created to use in your marketing content. I create this at the end of the program based on the work we have done together, and deeper dives into your journey and how this can be plugged into your business offering. This content represents the best of you and the business/service you have created, and provides a valuable summary of current and future goals to follow.
  • A 70 Page Workbook and Guide to hold all of your inspirations and goals, as well as tools, and new directions to help you move forward successfully, and so you can refer back whenever needed.
  • A Bonus 30-minute recap phone session following the 12 week program
  • Free E-Book of Nicola’s Self Help Formulas using teas and essential oils to support your health and emotional well-being as you build out your business.

“For 15+ years, Nicola hass helped me through every major life crisis as well as just dealing with the day-to-day.”

– Alyshia Ochse, actress, host of That One Audition

“I have a path, a clear plan, I feel like I am rewiring my brain, and I feel empowered. I’d tell everybody to work with you.”

– Sheli Dodaro Hernandez, owner, Clean Beauty Boutique

“I set up a private coaching call—it was incredible. I love the power of a good coach. So many breakthroughs.”

– Patricia Cerniuk, owner, Opulent Beauty


I am excited to work with women who feel inspired to write the next chapter in their lives and who want:

• to discover their true self and purpose
• reconnect with parts of themselves they had forgotten like hidden talents and goals
• to move away from old sabotaging belief patterns and create new ones for success and fulfillment.
• to be the cause of their life and not the effect
• to launch a new life chapter or business venture and want  do this with excellence
• to re-establish confidence and ease.
• to balance work, family and freedom.


Rewire and empower your brain with improved, mindset, motivation, momentum and mastery.

The 5 Step Process

  • BREAKING FREE – Discover why it is so important to understand who you really are, and not who you think you are – your unique brilliance – this is the cornerstone of building out your service/product offering successfully and discovering your life purpose to drive you from a very deep place within to ensure that what you bring into the world is truly what you believe in and you are motivated by.   Break free of old fears, beliefs holding you back from achieving what you want, using time honored methods and energy psychology.
  • BREAKING INTO YOUR WORTH – Discover how to set real goals and the process of getting specific about your direction and how this will work and look like.
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL – Create your goal, offering/product; learn why your life experiences are so important as part of your brand, your story, understand who your divine right clients are who will buy from you, how to communicate with them, what they look like, your elevator pitch and the 8 Evolutionary Strategies for Success.
  • MONETIZE  YOUR WORTH – Discover your money values, whether you are an under-earner, your profit motivator, history of money issues, and steps to take to change your values to build success for yourself.
  • YOUR NEXT STEPS – The 6 month and 12 month long ball vision for your offering, how to market, service providers to use, the content Nicola creates for you to use in all of your social media campaigns. Along with self-awareness tools, and your 4 key tips for success.

What working with Nicola looks like:

  • Its fun, relaxing, she loves to be drinking tea with you during your brainstorming time and really rolling up your sleeves in those creative juices!
  • She prefers not have any distractions and all phones are off.
  • You will have access to her for two hours a week, for 3 months on Zoom. Each session is recorded.
  • The program is structured to meet certain goals, and if you find your emotional needs begin to rise up and require more time Nicola always suggests booking a session outside of the program so she can focus on these with you.
  • You get 2-3 emails a week if needed. Nicola only works with a limited number of people every 3 months to ensure 200% individual focus.
  • Assignments and accountability are part of the work, and needed so Nicola can support you in detail each week to meet your goals. She usually requires these no later than the day before your session. They may take up to 2 hours each week .
  • You are going to discover some great things about yourself, forgotten parts of you.
  • Nicola loves to help you also connect with your intuitive self, since she also has the ability to sense things that are unseen and encourages you to trust your own inner voice.
Site IconThe Benefits and Results of Your Exclusive (re)Define Yourself Program
To Monetize Your Worth & Maximize Your Potential
  • A new business/offering/product to launch into the world that is in alignment with your personality and who you are with branding suggestions, next steps, price points, scale, social media guidance, marketing.
  • The keys to operate from a place of authentic expansion, creativity, productivity, freedom and prosperity.
  • The confidence to create a new reality and understand the far-reaching effects of your skills and talents and seeing the bigger picture.
  • Self-respect. An expanded perspective on life and your role and what you create.
  • The presence of mind to attract an abundance of resources including money.
  • Your never before discovered money values and what may have been holding you back as you now release yourself from those and re-pattern your brain for success
  • Stand out from the crowd.
  • Leaving behind old outdated ways of seeing yourself in the world with structure and support to release resistances and sabotaging habits.
  • Breakthrough guidance to help you align to your personal identity and life purpose
  • Channel new ways of creativity to define or redefine your goals.
  • Outstanding results for expanding your marketing and branding with new revised, exciting content – based on you – your personality will be your ultimate success in what you do.
  • Drive new fresh clients to your services and products
  • Great clarity on next best steps and how to’s for getting there
  • A commitment to return your investment back to you in increased prosperity from the work we do together.
  • Techniques and methods that you will use repeatedly to help you stay on track and understand the communication process with clients at a much deeper level that generates increased interest, business and fulfillment for everyone.
  • Creative, fun and inspiring guidance to help you connect with your own Inner self for personal guidance.
  • A partner who cares deeply for who you are and what you bring to the world – and who takes a stand with you for your brilliance, with no apologies!

Ready to Schedule Your One-Hour Session with Nicola?

Click below to complete the Discovery Form and schedule your Breakthrough Session with Nicola for insights, guidance on your present situation and learn how to move forward. On the call, Nicola will also provide you with additional information on how to monetize your worth and maximize your potential.


To monetize your worth and maximize your potential, the number one place to begin is understanding your brilliance. We then build out your product and service from there. These are just a few of recent clients’ brilliance mission statements.

“My Unique Brilliance is to aspire women to discover their freedom to create and prosper.”

– D Fink

“My Unique Brilliance is to inspire and awaken others to reveal the magic and freedom in their lives.”

– K Moore

“My Unique Brilliance is to explore, create and build accelerated processes to empower adventure and excitement.”

– D Conley

“My Unique Brilliance is to spark freedom and joy.”

– L Rodnunsky

“My Unique Brilliance is to support and commit to others to trust their voice, empower them to evolve into what they want to be; awakening, balance, joy and freedom.”

– K Bivins

“My Unique Brilliance is to nurture, inspire and empower.”

– L Goedecke


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