Mindset Transformation Mentoring



Mindset Transformation Mentoring

A powerful mindset mentoring group program to help you win your goals and aspirations.  It includes your money mindset, discovering your wounded child and its ripple effect, dealing with life, stress and trauma as you build out your offering, with tools and methods to unstick you plus much more!

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With the increased numbers of licensed realtors coming onto the market, competition for representation is growing, how do you ensure staying ahead and standing out?

Are you attracting the new wave of Gen-Xers driving the current housing market? How does your branding convey that you’re the right person to meet their challenges?

Who I Work With:

 Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Teams looking to improve the quality and retention of their production and representation.
Individuals who are committed to making real estate a viable, successful business for themselves and make an impact in their community as an effective solution provider.

If you are truly committed to making real estate a viable, successful business for yourself while making an impact in your community, then this mentorship program is for you. This mentoring is not about templates and scripts.


from the competition with your own story and better branding


while gaining a deeper and more connected value proposition

What I find to be most exciting about Nicola’s program is that she provides you with your own personalized social media and website content that can be used to elevate your branding and production. Your business will become more focused on what is specific and organic to you and your promotion materials will reflect how you work with clients.

Terry Canfield Schmidt, Luxury Properties Specialist, Berkshire Hathaway

Benefits and Results

As a result of this mentoring program you will learn how to redefine your messaging in a way that matches your niche market for optimal financial and fulfillment gain.

PLUS, a done for you bio and social media content that makes you stand out from the crowd which you can use for your web, all social media needs and elevator pitch.

  • Attract new clients
  • Increase representation
  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Learn to build rapport
  • Alleviate stress, anxiety and frustration
  • Improve your confidence to close


  • Improved personal touch marketing content during your work with Nicola that you can use for all of your promotional needs.
  • A logo concept that fits your personality
  • A tagline that truly speaks volumes about what you care about
  • An organization name that aligns with your goals, perspectives and vision
  • An ‘About’ page for your website
  • Guidance on your website colors, content and pages
  • Inspiration to organize 1 event for your niche market
  • Marketing and social media ideas based on your own talents, abilities and passion

How It Works

  • As you gain new perspectives about creating an emotional impact with your lead generation, you will  be able to better build your relationships and humanize your sales process.
  • Equipped with thorough crafted branding, a personalized elevator pitch and relatable content, you will distinguish yourself from the competition with ease.
  • By gaining a deeper connection with yourself and what drives you – your motivation will skyrocket, ultimately elevating all aspects of your lifestyle, business goals and success.
  • With greater clarity on the types of clients you wish to attract, your relationships with clients (as well as yourself) will flourish,
  • After learning how to harness the power of personal, ‘human’ messaging, you’ll capture your niche in a way never seen before while enjoying every minute of it.
  • You’ll receive step-by-step guidance and actionable steps to define the goals that matter most to you and how to attract the business you deserve.
  • From improving your listening and value-first sales approach, you’ll create stability and transform your anxieties into confidence.

So Who is Nicola Salter?

I have been a mentoring expert for 23 years in Los Angeles and London working with entrepreneurs, realtors, influencers, business professionals to help them redefine their direction, purpose and create fulfilling paths and careers.

In addition, I have been fortunate to market prestigious residential and commercial properties in London, as well as work in the corporate business to business world supporting high-ranking UK politicians, CEOs and business leaders.




4 Easy Steps for Improving Financial Wellness

Lifestyle Estate Realtor, Mary Elliott, joins Nicola to share how she went from having her own business outside of Real Estate, to become a successful lifestyle realtor in Santa Barbara … a really successful realtor.

Long-Term Profitable Business

My Value Proposition for You...

I support Realtors to create a foundation that builds a long-term profitable business which accurately matches their personality, essence and direction.

This unique and effective foundation is completely tailored to who you are and is not a cookie cutter, template approach.

I help you deepen your connection with new and existing clients, improve your sales process, give you new perspectives and trust in your qualities, strengths and break away from weaknesses and negative self-talk so you can represent and close the listings you want to attract.

My Commitment

I am totally committed to help you create the success and fulfillment you want to create in your real estate business and show you breakthrough techniques and methods that are effective, unique and outside of the traditional cookie cutter blue print templates currently available. You receive a tailored for you 1:1 approach that helps you define yourself and why your buyers or sellers should choose you to represent them.

Get Started

Call or email me to schedule your personal 15 -minute discovery call to find out more about you, your challenges and your goals and how I can help you achieve your best next steps and carve out the business success you want to create.


Nicola has given me the tools and direction I need to get my business going. Using her special tools to dissect what my true values and qualities are, Nicola helped me focus and open up to where I would naturally thrive. Thank you Nicola for giving me direction and the tools I need to run my business with natural flow that is specific to me.

Taline Galstian Estates, Keller Williams Calabasas

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Nicola Salter, Mindset Mentor and Empowerment Coach