Holistic Wellness

 Holistic Wellness Services

Nicola’s system of mentoring includes a very holistic and experiential approach to your well-being and success. She believes in order to succeed there needs to be a balance of the emotions and stamina to keep your momentum going and ability to manage life’s stresses.

Energy Medicine

Nicola has a private practice in Los Angeles and offers this work as an adjunct to her mentoring. She is also able to do this work intuitively and remotely, and has worked as far afield as Saudi Arabia and Australia.

Energy work helps to re-balance you.  If your are saddened, stressed, depressed or unmotivated as you constantly strive to meet the demands of life, these continuous reactions will drain your energy reserves and will impact your health.

Nicola’s insights will often help you gain some clarity around health issues and she works with many MDs and Natural Physicians directing her clients to them for follow up.

Your session involves discussing your current challenges emotionally and physically with intuitive guidance and input from Nicola followed by a relaxing 40 minute energy session where Nicola uses her hands to facilitate a flow of energy over your body bringing calm and inner peace as you relax, giving the mind the chance to slow down and release the need to stay in a perpetual state of survival.

This need to stay in a place of reaction and survival drains our vital energies and lead to disease. Energy work helps the body slow down giving it space to decompress.

In the world of Traditional Medicine this work is called Biofield Therapy since it creates a flow of energy that works with the natural electricity that we produce from the organs in our bodies.

Reiki is one of the energy modalities Nicola utilizes during her work and it is a little like acupuncture but without the needles. A  flow of energy comes from Nicola’s hands as she works over key points on the body to facilitate shifts in the body’s chemistry and to balance the mind and body. The sensation is a pleasant warmth, tingling and deep relaxation.  You may find after the session you feel pleasantly relaxed and motivated to manage your day differently.



You can also learn the Reiki methods she uses during her sessions to use at home and for your family, helping to continue the benefits of this work to reduce stress, create greater clarity and focus, empowerment and confidence.

Nicola has trained extensive numbers of people of all ages from 5 to 90 years old, and from all walks of life to use Reiki for themselves.


Past & Present Envisioning – disconnecting from emotions you subconsciously hold onto that are negatively affecting your present life experiences and making you feel stuck.

If you find yourself experiencing one over-riding challenge that continuously keeps re-patterning itself in your life and you have done everything you can to break free from it but it still keeps returning, or perhaps you are mysteriously drawn to a punishing relationship that keeps you coming back for more sadness, you might want to consider an Envisioning Session.

Nicola helps you connect to a  life experience that may be creating the problem you are having in this life time, and you work together to understand this problem and clear the pattern creating the issues

This is a powerful, simple and very effective method, and takes about an hour, you take away with you an experience of connection, understanding, peace and motivation to move forward.



Your living space can contribute to how you feel and the impact it has on your life. Nicola will offer you insights and guidance on how to improve the energetic feel of your home and office and allow the flow of energy to create more peace, calm and abundance for you.

Her Space Clearing services are ideal if you are experiencing; chaos, drama, lack, confusion, anger, relationship or family issues, health challenges. She will visit your home or office to create the shifts you are looking for.  This work is a combination of energy clearing, especially if there has been someone with high negativity in the home or if someone has passed.

This Space Clearing service is ideal for new homeowners who want to release the energetic patterns of the previous owners and imprint their own.

Call/Email Nicola for further information.


  • Stress and anxiety
  • Overwhelm
  • Grief
  • Loss
  • Build confidence
  • Improve health
  • Life transitions
  • Boundaries
  • Break unhealthy patterns
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