(re)Define Yourself

Diamond Potential 1:1 Program

Redefine, transform and leverage your talents in a powerful, strategic, deeply connected and accomplished way.

What makes this unique results driven transformational coaching program stand out from the others?

Nicola helps women redefine and empower themselves to create a life changing transformation in just 12 weeks, saving you time, energy and money to create, build out and monetize your next steps.

Imagine having it all laid out for you – a new direction, improved self-believe, how to accomplish, monetize, scale in a sustained way – all based and aligned with your values, community and intuition.

You will feel stronger, confident, more empowered.

This life-changing program will direct you to more fulfillment, a more deeply connected vision of who you are and what you can and will accomplish, along with identifying what has been  holding you back from taking your next steps to scale, leverage and how to monetize.

Nicola has been helping women leverage for 26 years she is  trained and experienced in clinical, therapeutic, coaching  and business environments.

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Nicola’s Blueprint ReDEFINE YOUrself resource rich coaching will bring you:

FREEDOM – from your inner blocks  that hold you back and self-care methods to break free of these blocks to help you keep moving forward creating the success you yearn for.

PURPOSE – Nicola’s unique formula combining science and deeply connected fun discoveries that aligns you with your true purpose and how to level set your mind to achieve it.

CREATIVITY – to carve out that worthy, valuable and financially successful future you really want that combines your values, community, accomplishment, intuition, fulfillment and success.

EMPOWERMENT – mindset training to sustain momentum and resilience.

BALANCE – the priorities of work and life plus the balance of your brilliance and being ok with imperfection.

By the time you complete this program you will have insights and tools for building a stronger empowered foundation for yourself, your purpose and you will have created a practical new detailed built out direction that sustains and fulfills you that will be ready to launch, along with your best next steps and a before and after comparison.

She implements her unique blueprint method of coaching and mentoring that builds a solid emotional foundation of knowing who you are, your purpose and self-belief. She forms a partnership with you to help you create and live the life you want that aligns with your values, meaning, fulfillment, community and what success means to you.

With this foundation you can achieve more than you ever thought possible.

This mentoring is a combination of deeply connecting with who you are and aligning this to your  career, a new business, existing business, or new life chapter.

Nicola’s premium holistic mentoring and coaching is perfect for women who are:

  • feeling blocked and unmotivated
  • feeling invisible
  • fearful of not being perfect
  • feeling powerful but feeling powerless to breakthrough and create that life you crave
  • wanting to feel empowered and speak your truth without fear of judgement
  • looking to find your purpose and discovering who you truly are
  • overwhelmed and unclear of your direction
  • a budding solo-preneur who wants to quit their 9-5
  • looking to improve your mindset to achieve more success in your career and at work
  • tired of juggling too many projects and not achieving the success you know you can create
  • using unhealthy coping mechanisms for stress
  • looking to scale and expand your business  in a more connected way
  • tired of working with clients who won’t pay your fees
  • loving your business but feel stuck, or trapped
  • comparing yourself to the male version of success and feeling less than

Today you can choose to be your own cause. To stand up for what you want without constantly taking care of others’ needs and discover what you are all about, and where you want your life path to take you.

Your Invisible Self Wants to Be Seen

If you have been feeling stuck, but know you are experienced, talented and well-educated,  this program is your next step and totally pulls ‘you’ together, what makes you, your impact, your values, your divine right people you want to work with, and puts you right out in front with confidence knowing that you are on the right track.

Women struggle and feel at odds with the old masculine way of achieving success

Women no longer find the old way of success in a man’s world nurturing. They want to experience success using their intuition, their ability to multi-skill,  feel visible, at ease and combine all of their values, needs and priorities confidently without judgement.

There is no more second guessing. This is it.

Nicola’s Five Pillar Blueprint is designed to help you deepen your life’s meaning and discover your purpose with lasting transformation.

She helps you connect and believe in your inner authority, unlock that deep potential within you and identify with you a  worthy, valuable and successful future that you carve out together in a powerful partnership with:

Purpose   /   Mindset  /   Value   /   Transformation   /   Action

This mentoring will create a clear path for yourself to empower and transform your mindset to upscale into that confidence, motivation and creativity you know you have deep within you, whilst also building expansion, stability and success.

Work smarter, not harder.

This one of a kind powerful program is designed to help budding and established women entrepreneurs and female leadership quickly discover their purpose and brilliance,  powerfully let go of limiting beliefs and inner barriers so they can creatively and connectedly develop a service or offering that truly represents them and successfully implement this to be seen.

Nicola’s priority is to help you feel confident to raise the bar within you and helps you see and achieve your potential at work and personally, embracing your flaws, vulnerabilities and helping you drop the need for validation.

 The 5 Step Process

  • YOUR NEXT STEPS – The 6 month and 12 month long ball vision for your personal direction and workplace pathway with a done for you outline showing all of the outcomes you have achieved from the program, and personal profile for use in resumes, websites and elevator pitches. Plus business guidance and direction where appropriate.

The benefits and results of this life-changing coaching and mentoring

Some of the benefits and results of your exclusive (re)Define Yourself  

  • Discover your purpose and flow with breakthrough guidance to help you align to your personal identity and brilliance.
  • Your personal strengths evaluated by the Gallup System and applied.
  • Becoming visible and confident.
  • Releasing inner emotional blocks holding you back.
  • Identifying levels of stress in areas of your life through a science proven stress assessment platform and used throughout your coaching
  • Mindset breakthroughs to build success and dropping the need for perfection.
  • A new business/offering/product/skill to launch into the world that is in alignment with your personality and who you are with branding suggestions, next steps, price points, scale, social media guidance, marketing.
  • The keys to operate from a place of authentic expansion, creativity, productivity, freedom and prosperity.
  • The confidence to create a new reality and understand the far-reaching effects of your skills and talents and seeing the bigger picture.
  • Emotional consciousness as a business leader
  • Self-respect. An expanded perspective on life and your role and what you create.
  • Your never before discovered money values and what may have been holding you back as you now release yourself from those and re-pattern your brain for success
  • Stand out from the crowd.
  • Leaving behind old outdated ways of seeing yourself in the world with structure and support to release resistances and sabotaging habits.
  • Channel new ways of creativity to define or redefine your goals.
  • Outstanding results for expanding your existing marketing and branding with new revised, exciting content – based on you – your personality will be your ultimate success in what you do.
  • Drive new fresh clients to your services and products
  • Greater clarity on next best steps and how to’s for getting there
  • A commitment to return your investment back to you in increased prosperity from the work we do together.
  • Techniques and methods that you will use repeatedly to help you stay on track and understand the communication process with clients at a much deeper level that generates increased interest, business and fulfillment for everyone.
  • Creative, fun and inspiring guidance to help you connect with your own Inner self for personal guidance.
  • A partner who cares deeply for who you are and what you bring to the world – and who takes a stand with you for your brilliance, with no apologies!

Added bonus

  • A personally designed written done for you, portrait of you and template specifically created to use in your marketing content, sales pitch, job interviews, created by Nicola during the work you do together to continuously drive your choices, decisions and actions from an even greater place of inspiration for success and represent the true you with a new voice.
  • Heart Math Stress Assessment and access to the heartmath inner balance monitor to measure and self-regulate your triggered stress reactions and improve these.
  • 90 Page Workbook and Guide written by Nicola to hold all of your inspirations and goals, as well as tools, and new directions to help you move forward successfully.
  • Bonus 30 minute session in addition to the 12 week program
  • Free E-Book of Nicola’s Self Help Recipes and Formulations  for Staying Well and Resilient.
  • 2 hrs of Nicola’s Private time outside of your session – as she creates a portrait of you, and descriptions of your work and your personality to add to your social media content PLUS further emails, guidance and ideas from Nicola as needed. 24 hr turnaround for your questions.
  • Monthly Accountability Declarations and Weekly Reflections – to keep you focused and on the fast track to defining your true self, purpose and manifesting your goals.
  • Priority Email Access for Quick Questions, Feedback, Support and Additional Accountability – if you have a burning question that really just cannot wait, you are welcome to email me. Monday through to Thursday I will respond normally within 48 hours, and if it is quite an extensive question too long for an email response, we will schedule it as part of your next guidance session.
  • Amazing insights, directions and guidance given to help you package your idea, create content, price it right, vehicles for marketing and guidance on branding, plus advice from Nicola’s experience of doing business for the last 22 years.
  • One 30 min bonus counseling call to support you in any area of your life to get clear and grounded guidance.
  • A before and after comparison to demonstrate the growth and transformation you made with Nicola during your time together.

What working with Nicola looks like

  • Its fun, relaxing, profound. She loves sharing a cup of tea with you during your brainstorming time and really rolling up your sleeves in those creative juices!
  • She prefers not have any distractions and all phones are off.
  • You will have access to her for two hours a week, for 3 months on Zoom. Each session is recorded.
  • The program is structured to meet certain goals, and if you find your emotional needs begin to rise up and require more time Nicola always suggests booking a session outside of the program so she can focus on these with you.
  • You get 2-3 emails a week if needed. Nicola only works with a limited number of people every 3 months to ensure 200% individual focus.
  • Assignments and accountability are part of the work, and needed so Nicola can support you in detail each week to meet your goals. She usually requires these no later than the day before your session. They may take up to 2 hours each week .
  • You are going to discover some great things about yourself, forgotten parts of yourself.
  • Nicola loves to help you also connect with your intuitive self, join the dots about you and the threads of your life that are giving you the answers for your best next steps.
  • She has the ability to sense things that are unseen and encourages you to trust your own inner voice.

Why You Might Want to Work With Me

As a woman, I know you are multi-skilled and have an amazing capacity, but you can over do things at times.  This is what we do as women, get a little scattered, don’t set boundaries and then get overwhelmed.

I get it. I did the same once.  Working with me means you have someone on your side who totally understands our female logic, fears, roller coaster of emotions but who can keep you on track, define your purpose, retrain your brain around some of those negative beliefs and inner barriers you have to success.

You know you have it within you to create and build something that is fulfilling for you and will create the financial freedom you deserve. You are POWERFUL.

You are busy, imagine though, in 12 weeks you can take your powerful to even more powerful with a clear direction and best next steps. It can be done.

Everything I share with you in our coaching I have done for myself to get where I am today. It works.

This is how I built my business. And yes … it’s a lot of fun — even “magical.”

“Nicola is magic! Her work is profound — she combines her pure intuition and other tools to uncover the gems that you have to offer the world, then inspires you to pursue them.” – Eugenia Kuzmina, super model, actor, comedienne

Nicola helped Eugenia breakthrough of being repressed as a top model with many challenging and abusive challenges she had to endure to being able to set boundaries and no longer enduring bullying or manipulation. She discovered with Nicola’s coaching that bringing balance and equality for women was her purpose and  her role as a super model to support diversity through art breaking boundaries and limitations. Nicola helped Eugenia discover and express her voice and truth, trust her voice, own her value, represents diversity, and advocate for young women as well as work with creative directors to break boundaries and limitations, and stereotypes.

Eugenia was able to connect with  inspiring others to create the life they want.  Speak up, own your worth, courage to find yourself and find freedom – let go of the chains of low self-esteem and self-doubt and be ok with your rawness and vulnerability through her film roles and book.  Be the warrior and believe in yourself.

“We discovered that my unique brilliance is to really awaken that magic in people to inspire the courage from within to create and share in a meaningful way.” – Julie Solomon, founder, The Influencer Academy

Nicola helped Julie S. take her blog and brand to the next level and believe that her voice mattered, to know herself, her purpose and identified with her that she could help women build their own businesses and brands to monetize. Within 12 weeks Julie had broken through her overriding fear pattern that her goal was too big and unattainable, and that she was worthy to generate the income she desired and we created a step by step specific direction for her to grow her brand of blogging, influence and publicity. From this place Julie has become one of the most recognized influencers of her time with her own podcast that has 10 plus million downloads, and thousands of episodes, has been a speaker on some of the largest branding and business development industries, and launched  her now million dollar Influencer Academy, and helped thousands of women brand and expand their businesses.


I am excited to work with women who feel inspired to write the next chapter in their lives and who want:

• to discover their true self and purpose
• reconnect with parts of themselves they had forgotten like hidden talents and goals
• to move away from old sabotaging belief patterns and create new ones for success and fulfillment.
• to be the cause of their life and not the effect
• to launch a new life chapter or business venture and want  do this with excellence
• to re-establish confidence and ease.
• to balance work, family and freedom.

The cost of staying stuck impacts everything in our lives, relationships, finances, home, our emotions. I love helping women professionals and heart-based influencers create and build a lifestyle for themselves that successfully balances work and play.


Discover easy, effective, profound tools that you will love using:

  • how to reprogram your brain and put your attention on what you want rather than continuously focusing on what isn’t working …
  • a 12 week series of powerful one-on-one exclusive sessions, weekly, to open you to new perspectives in your life, empower and encourage fulfillment,purpose,  success and prosperity.
  •  smoothly, easily and effectively create that new direction/business/product success you have been looking for.
  •  close the gap from where you are now to where you want to be with a final product/offering that is packaged, monetized and totally in alignment with you and your goals in life.
  •  a simple yet powerful 5 step process that encourages you to become, again, the best expression of yourself, in relationships, career and life.
  •  a unique, fast, simple and profound process that brings amazing results in a short turnaround period and works with you on an emotional as well as practical level to open doors you may never have considered.
  •  heart based intuitive mentoring completely individualized for you, with the emphasis on self-awareness and task orientated methods encourage clarity, confidence, broader perspectives, new vistas and exciting opportunities so you can live your life from a place of purpose and success.

“”Nicola changed my life. The number one thing I’ve taken away is I see myself. I hear myself. I trust myself. That was something that wasn’t happening before.” – Silvia Perez, owner, Style10

The reason I am so passionate about helping my clients is that a number of years ago and just up to recently, I had lost sight of me.

It had happened over time with children and life, until one day at a coaching event someone asked me about what I liked, and I didn’t know. I had my hair salon but didn’t feel as connected with my business as I should. I didn’t even know who I was, and then began the journey of finding myself again. I turned it around, sharpened my confidence, found a new side of me and this has ignited now through my salon.

I see many women in my chair who forget themselves, become disconnected from their life, feel miserable and lose sight of their dreams and purpose, too busy , too overwhelmed.

I finally feel really ready to take my business to the next level. I had never really got much from coaching until now. I always wanted to be told what to do but now I can find the leadership on my own and make the choices that I need to thanks to Nicola’s work.

“I want to thank you Nicola. I think you really helped me a lot… in a way that has put me on a really different path in life. So I want to thank you for that.” – Renee Hill Young, co-chairman, Quigley-Simpson

Nicola helped Renee Y who is the co CEO of Quigley Simpsom advertising agency, overcome her anxiety and overwhelm after the Las Vegas shooting within a 6 month period, leading Renee to redefine her life values and priorities, and enabling her to go out once more into large gatherings without fear. In addition, she was able to redesign her life from reactive, overwhelm and stress to build more time for herself, her horses and develop more resilience, fulfillment and purpose to support her community.

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Complete this Discovery Form today and schedule your one-hour session with Nicola for insights, guidance on your present situation and actionable steps on how to move forward.

“For 15+ years, Nicola hass helped me through every major life crisis as well as just dealing with the day-to-day.”

– Alyshia Ochse, actress, host of That One Audition

“I have a path, a clear plan, I feel like I am rewiring my brain, and I feel empowered. I’d tell everybody to work with you.”

After working with Nicola I feel I can empower my community to be smart, visionary, evolve and make an impact by offering a franchise model that helps women feel beautiful without the side effects of toxic chemicals and feel part of an evolution the creates impact and change.

I am now excited to get my franchise licensed and maintain the coaching work I do – investing and creating products,  get my salon to 30% profit, increase my prices to reflect the quality of my work and products I use.

Before the Redefine Yourself Program I felt like I was continuously needing to prove something, I didn’t know what I was doing, and couldn’t do it alone.  I wanted to feel more connection to my business and my services.

After the program with Nicola I felt more deeply connected to who I really am, what my inner emotional barriers were and how they were impacting the success of my business. I felt more calm and understood more clearly that the choices I had been making for my business were coming from a reactive place, from previous emotional wounds that were holding me back. Since working with these, I have been able to make a change in my personal life and also the way in which I run my business.


– Sheli Dodaro Hernandez, owner, Clean Beauty Boutique

“I set up a private coaching call—it was incredible. I love the power of a good coach. So many breakthroughs.”

Nicola helped Patricia C identify her self-sabotage and reactivity that was holding her back from growing her business, finding fulfillment in her personal life  and balance with powerful breakthrough methods that pinpointed the when and the why she had begun to tell herself negative stories and believe in them.

Patricia had gone from being a struggling hair stylist to a salon owner in a relatively short time and she was always working and over achieving.Once she understood her inner barriers, and emotional wounds from the past of not feeling good enough, she began to recognize she had the potential to expand her business. Nicola helped her to identify and build out a program to help other salon owners shift their mindset to attract more income and streamline their business, along with expanding and up-selling her extensions online program to those salon owners.  Her goal was to have a 7 figure business and generate 90 k a month.

– Patricia Cerniuk, owner, Opulent Beauty

“2 months ago, I knew I wanted to start my own business and had a general idea of what I wanted to do but that was about it. I felt like there was no way, I’d carve out a plan and get it into motion in just that short amount of time.

I had my last session with Nicola yesterday and not only did she help me dial in on EXACTLY what I want to be doing (and there were several things that showed up, surprisingly, during our work together that I wasn’t expecting) but we also laid out a timeline, action steps, and a polished structure of what my business will look like. It happened so naturally, it’s already begun, my business took off before we were finished. If all you have is the what, Nicola can provide the who, where when and how! And HOW!

I went from being stuck in fear – to fear of not getting started soon enough; from feeling lost to feeling inspired! I’m literally transformed in just our 12 weeks together and excited to have learned a thing or two about myself as well! I only had a vague idea and Nicola not only broadened my horizons, based on my own unique passions and talents but also helped to set me into motion with logical steps and practices.”

Krystal Alyce, Owner, KrystalAlyce.com

Nicola helped Nikki G get clear on a number of choices she presented at the beginning of her coaching and was unsure of her next steps. She had experienced inflammatory health issues and had been using different style of meal prep and ingredients to calm her symptoms.  She had numerous self-sabotaging belief patterns based on family experiences and self-doubt about her ability to begin something new and follow a more fulfilling path.  Nicola worked with her to breakthrough some of her inner emotional barriers first before beginning coaching and was able to help Nikki over 12 weeks understand and begin to retrain her mindset into a new pattern of belief, along with coaching that identified one priority smart goal for her to work on.

The Sanitas Group was born where Nikki got very clear that her purpose was to  provide health and wellness coaching to help people discover a life of happiness, freedom and optimal health.

Nicola helped her work on designing her anti-inflammatory optimal health programs with her Dr husband for people to begin living a pain free, healthier life with more energy. Nicola helped her package, price and create the direction and get clear on the clients she wanted to attract and the value she provided.  She has since launched the Pain Perspective Podcast and her coaching and online services.

Taline Galstain had just stepped back into real estate and wanted to define her niche. She wanted to sell million dollar homes. We defined her purpose, values and intention behind her work and then connected to what was holding her back, her inner barriers to break through.  She identified family values, listening to hear, being a connector in her community and building trust, plus her love of providing boutique services with a tailored style to help buyers find homes that hadn’t been listed yet.

Nicola was able to help Taline focus on what was important to her business, be realistic, build a strong foundation and then elevate to $15m of total real estate sales in three years (during the pandemic).

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“Before working with Nicola I was feeling lost, confused, and unworthy. After her program I feel completely grounded, confident and able to focus on what is important for me as well as my business. She helped me get clear on my audience and how to attract them with the right messaging. Nicola has helped me identify limiting beliefs to release and replace. Now II can clearly define my purpose and focus on what is important. I dare myself on the daily, to live the life that I want.”

Franky, iF***ingLoveyourHair.com

“Nicola’s ability to nurture self-discovery and actionable steps towards meaningful growth is incomparable to any other method I’ve known. In an age where it’s easy to lose sight of our greater purpose and intention for our life’s work, Nicola serves as both anchor and guiding light in helping discover our ‘Unique Brilliance’. I’m truly grateful for her wisdom and expertise, and inspired to introduce her unique approach to countless peers and fellow-Founders/CEO’s who are certainly overdue for their own great awakening!”

Chase Friedman, CEO, Vanquish Media

“There are two types of teachers. One who will stand in front of you with a huge flashlight to lead you down the path. The other will stand behind you with a flashlight to light your path. This is the teacher you want. As a student of your class, I realized I have always known where I need to go, but sometimes, I need someone to hold the light if I should lose my way. Thank you Nicola.”

– S. Ibrao

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know the reDEFINE YOUrself  program will work?

Before working together Nicola ensures you are a fit and you complete a discovery form where she can find out more about you and then uses this to track your progress, and you have a parameter to measure where you started and then how you finished and the transformations you experienced.

I don’t have much time in my week for coaching programs and yet I know I really want to tap into my potential and create something new for myself, and overcome my fear of being seen. What do you suggest?

Schedule a call with Nicola who will help you define why your time is an issue and how you can make yourself a priority.

What experience do you have?

I have been using the proven mindfulness stress management tools you are shown with over 16000 of my clients for the last 26 years, including veterans, female leadership, entrepreneurs, educators, thought leaders to help them build resilience to self-sabotage, break free of emotional blocks and reach their potential and purpose. I am a qualified and experienced neuro-change practitioner, coach and mentor, and integrative emotional wellness facilitator, and have used my tools in a variety of clinical, therapeutic, coaching and educational settings.

How do I know this investment will pay off?

Nicola works with you in a deeply connected way, and because of her experience has developed a fast track method for identifying emotional barriers to success and pinpointing your potential using methods and techniques that bring accelerated results.

Is it really possible to make a change and transformation in 12 weeks?

This is a good question. In the 12 weeks you work with Nicola you will gain access and insights to tools and your blueprint, that with your commitment you will be able to use for the rest of your life. It takes about 60 days to make a change with a continued daily habit for breaking through an emotional wound that is holding you back or blocking you. By the time you complete this program you will have insights for building a stronger foundation for yourself, you will have created a practical new detailed built out direction that sustains and fulfills you that will be ready to launch, and your best next steps.

Nicola Salter, Mindset Mentor and Empowerment Coach