Learn The Power of Self- Mastery for Success

with Reiki

Why Raising Your Frequency with Reiki Will Have You Living A Life With Emotional Balance, Powerful New Perspectives and Greater Self-Mastery for Success.

There is an invisible flow of frequency or electricity if you like, that flows through each of us.

I began my journey into holistic wellness and mentoring by discovering this flow of energy through a process called Reiki, and its impact on our success, health and well-being.

This energy or electrical flow is real , tiny specs of light that pop from our cells keeping us healthy and are affected by our emotions and environment.

Stress and continuously living in a state of survival dis-regulates us.  Stress hormones cause our brainwaves to fire in a disordered way putting us into incoherent patterns of trying to control or escape, to keep ourselves safe.

This upset puts pressure on our nervous systems, mental thoughts, becoming overly triggered emotionally, un-grounded and defensive.

Raising your frequency through the process of Reiki creates a powerful platform from which to operate and self-master your emotional well-being, health and build out trust, intuition and insights that create new perspectives, ideas and directions for you.

I strongly suggest to anyone wishing to create a new business, direction or career for themselves to learn how to use this tremendously unique and powerful energy for self-care and a deeper connection to the outcome they truly wish to experience, rather than what they think they want.

It makes all the difference in the world to raise your frequency first before you embark on a new direction, the raised frequency within you will help you make  better choices and perhaps a new pathway for yourself that you had never imagined possible.


What is Reiki?

The tradition of Reiki lies in the ancient roots of Esoteric Buddhism to attain wisdom, love and consciousness. It means Universal Life Force Energy that nourishes and elevates your own frequency and allows you to open up to what is beyond your normal senses.

Reiki unlocks the innate wisdom that you already have and gives you tools to move through your life in a more connected way. After each class you experience a flow of warmth coming through your hands, this is called source energy and you use this flow to expand your own flow of electrical frequency, to calm, ground and help you focus.

Reiki is an ideal tool to bring into your life when you are:

  • looking for clarity
  • inner strength and wisdom
  • confidence
  • want to understand some of the synchronicities in your life and perhaps the reason why life experiences are occuring and  guiding you to make improved choices and create an improved lifestyle.

In business you will find Reiki supports your ability to ‘sense’ hidden dialogues, things that people may not be able to share, or they come across as rude or indifferent. The use of Reiki helps you to smooth the way and achieve a positive outcome with work related or personal challenges, to effectively communicate.

In addition, as your intuition becomes enhanced you begin to notice your ability to ‘sense’ when an opportunity will work for you or not.

Entrepreneurs and business professionals find Reiki extremely supportive for their own well-being and reducing stress, thereby enabling them to stay calm and resilient and not over-reacting to situations of drama and chaos.

Reiki I –  Shoden – The  Light Switch – the first level of learning Reiki

A one and a half day class opens a whole new path of self discovery for you and brings with it the opportunity to heal on many different levels.

Reiki I with Nicola is tailored to meet your needs with private coaching for your personal growth and transformation.

Unlike many other Reiki classes Nicola prefers not to give a quick overview of Reiki and teach from a book.

She shares with you all of her professional experiences with Reiki, helpful tips, preparation and truly understanding how energy moves through each of us. Plus you receive a substantial handout that you will be able to follow long after the class.


This mentoring is completely tailored to meet your current challenges and moving forward.

For over 24 years Nicola has been training Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Educators, MDs, Nurses, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Children, Teenagers and members of the general public on the use of this beautiful energy for every day living.

You will be amazed to feel the energy pouring through your hands as she shows you how to work on your own health and emotional issues, explore the key energy centers, and how you can also use Reiki for your family, friends, pets, work colleagues and clients.

The journey of Reiki and the Reiki attunement can take you on many different paths each one helping you connect to your true self and purpose.

During the class you will learn:

  • The benefits of Reiki
  • How Reiki works and impacts on each of the body’s subtle energy systems – an addition to the traditional Usui teachings
  • The Usui Reiki Precepts (Gokai) and 5 Elements of Reiki
  • The traditional history of Reiki and its variations
  • Mind and body connection, the role our thoughts and emotions play on our physical well-being
  • Reiki in clinical care
  • Using Reiki for yourself
  • 3 Reiki Reiju (attunements)
  • The 3 Diamonds of Reiki – Reiki breathing techniques to ground, center, build your intuition and capacity to cut through the illusions of life and see solutions for problems
  • Using Reiki in your daily life
  • Giving Reiki to others using the chair technique and for Day Two of the training – using the traditional Japanese Gassho, Reiji Ho, Byosen and Kenyoku Ho techniques with a massage table.
  • Grounding and protection during energy work
  • Contraindications of Reiki

For health professionals Nicola includes recommendations for using Reiki combined with acupuncture (no needles permitted in class), based on her working knowledge with Acupuncturists, suggestions for use during Chiropractic and Massage work, and advice for nurses on using Reiki substantiated with clinical research.

For the general public all of the above points are covered.
Day 1 – 9 am – 4.30 pm
Day 2 – 9 am – 12.00 pm  – Optional – Learning how to give a Reiki treatment using a massage table – includes handout and treatment hand positions.
Tel: 213  324 6342
Email: salternicola@gmail.com – for further information
A 50% deposit is required before the class.  Refunds are given with five day’s notice of cancellation prior to the class.


Reiki  II – Okuden – Emotional Healing – the second level of learning Reiki

Welcome to your second level, Okuden Reiki,nwhere you will further enhance your Reiki knowledge, experiences and energy skills, with the introduction of Reiki Jumon and Shirushi, mantras and symbols.

This next step in traditional Usui Reiki will further enhance your Reiki abilities allowing you to give precise, more profound energy sessions using additional tools to add to your skills.

You will be able to bring a deeper physical, emotional and mental healing to your work and undertake remote healings with positive results. The class is also tailored to meet your needs, with private mentoring regarding your  own personal growth and transformation.

You will learn about:

  • Emotional healing and managing stress responses with Reiki
  • Learning the layers of the biofield (aura) and their impact on the chakras – an addition to the traditional Usui teachings
  • Three symbols to learn and use for physical (grounding/earth energy), emotional healing and distant healing. These symbols illustrate the way energy moves and can be used in many ways for healing.
  • Reiki breathing techniques and connecting energetically with the symbols to enhance their effectiveness
  • Discover a past life experience that is impacting a current day challenge and how to let it go
  • Meditation and Reiju attunement
  • Distant healing methods using Reiki
  • Giving a Reiki treatment using symbols

One day – 9 am – 4.30 pm – please bring a photo of someone you would like to send distant healing to and also a stuffed toy animal (explanations given on registration!). A 50% deposit is required before the class. Refunds are given with five day’s cancellation notice prior to the class.

Email for prices: salternicola@gmail.com

REIKI III MASTER  – Shinpiden – Mystery Teaching – the third level in learning Reiki
REIKI III –  One Day Class

For students wishing to complete the Reiki levels without learning how to give attunements or step into mastership, this one day class enables a sense of completion as you learn the advanced Usui Reiki symbols and two other symbols used at Reiki 3. Combined with Reiki 3 meditations and empowerment exercises the day is relaxing, giving a profoundly deep connection to the Reiki 3 attunement you will receive.

Reiki III – Self-Mastership 3 day class – Mystery School

An initial three and half day program to master the Reiki energy for yourself and others. Self-mastery and a deeper connection with the body’s biofield, powerful symbols that direct the flow and intensity of frequency for yourself and others, how the Quantum Field helps us attract when we are in alignment with our truth, meeting your wounded child and healing those self-sabotaging pieces of yourself,

You will receive your soul level Reiki 3 attunement,  discover how to give the ancient ceremony of Reiki attunements to others and  learn 3 more Reiki advanced energy healing symbols. If you have already done the one day Reiki III Class, this class will be reduced to two days.

A syllabus and price is available upon request.  It is usual to have completed and practiced the use of Reiki at levels I and II before proceeding with Reiki III Mastership. You will be required to submit case studies and demonstrate how you use Reiki for yourself along with full knowledge of the symbols.  This enables Nicola to support your learning and identify any gaps or not in your knowledge. Certification is given at the end of the class, but the class really marks the beginning of your advanced journey in mastering the mysteries of life and its challenges using Reiki in its most advanced form.


A required amount of time immersed in the Reiki 3 energy should be taken before deciding upon teaching Reiki to others.  Certain criteria are required along with a four day class. However learning how to teach may take several months at least, and you are awarded your Teacher’s Certificate on completion of the classes you create and present to Nicola.

The Benefits:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • New opportunities
  • Purpose
  • Seeing and feeling the truth
  • Enhancement of clairvoyant, clair-sensory and clair-auditory skills and how to use in your daily personal and business life
  • Bring relief to low grade aches and pains
  • Improved clarity and focus
  • New positive perspectives on life
  • Improved health and well-being
  • Confidence
  • Self connection
  • Increased stamina and resilience
  • Improved coherence
  • Increased intution
Dr. Usui

Dr Usui who rediscovered the self-healing technique of Reiki

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