Live On-line Group Mentoring

Generate Income
& Maximize Your Potential While Doing What You Love

Celebrate 2019 with a gift to yourself - A new service, business or side gig you can monetize .... Just Imagine...

  • Having the confidence and courage to create additional income for yourself doing what you love.
  • Discovering what it is that you can do.
  • What it must feel like to monetize your worth and maximize your potential working passionately.
  • The tools and methods to create a product or service that is truly aligned with who you are, based on your unique brilliance.
  • Receiving the direction, self-awareness and mindfulness tools that will help you stay motivated and on track whilst you continue to create your offering.
  • A lifestyle that you have dreamed about and can now take steps to make happen.
Julie Solomon and Nicola Salter

I love helping women professionals and heart-based influencers create and build a lifestyle for themselves that balances work and play.  Where they get to work passionately, feel fulfilled, and create success for themselves.

Live and in person on Zoom, you, and I along with a maximum of 8 people will spend 13 hours together over 9 weeks to define your brilliance and purpose. You will create an offering that truly expresses your essence that can be easily monetized, with the right people, and will fulfill you!

All you need to do is to stretch yourself into what you want in your life and use the methods and tools I give you to help you get there.

Packed with insightful, effective, practical and unique methods for diving into an offering or life chapter to create a new lifestyle for yourself.  This program is perfect for you if you are at a pivotal point in your life, yearning to go to the next step and make a change you know deep down you want to make, and break free of tired old worn out thinking, reboot, reset and take your life to the next level.

Your commitment is to take the methods I show you and continue growing your idea or offering that aligns with you.

Benefits and Results

How this LIVE Online 9-Week Group Program Will Help You to Monetize Your Worth & Maximize Your Potential

  • A new business/offering/product to launch into the world that is in alignment with your personality and who you are.
  • The keys to operate from a place of authentic expansion, creativity, productivity, freedom and prosperity.
  • Self-respect. An expanded perspective on life and your role and what you create.
  • The presence of mind to attract an abundance of resources including money.
  • Techniques and methods that you will use repeatedly to help you stay on track and understand the communication process with clients at a much deeper level.
  • The self-respect that empowers you to pursue healthy personal and business relationships.
  • Creative, fun and inspiring guidance to help you connect with your own Inner self and personal guidance to help you continue to stay committed to what you want to create after the program has finished.
  • Your never before discovered money values and what may have been holding you back as you now release yourself from those and re-pattern your brain for success
  • Stand out from the crowd.
  • Leaving behind old outdated ways of seeing yourself in the world with structure and support to release resistances and sabotaging habits.

Added Benefits

  • Laser mentoring for two profound hours with me personally on Face Time or Skype, outside of the group session, to help you discover and reveal your purpose and make a huge impact on your life for future choices and directions. No more scratching your head and wondering if you are taking the right steps.
  • Join a brand new FB community to share your stories and swap ideas.


  • As an additional bonus you will also receive a free open door 1 hour group session where you can bring all of your inspirations for discussion and direction.
  • Receive a free workbook from me to Monetize Your Worth and understand your money values and how important this is when creating a new life chapter or offering/service.
  • AND FINALLY! Free audio downloads sent to your inbox every week after our sessions to listen at your leisure.

This group program empowers you with:

  • Step-by-step information, inspiration, motivation, accountability and guidance you need to break free from your old belief patterns and resistances.
  •  Your unique brilliance to expand your creativity and achieve your goals
  • Time honored holistic techniques originating from ancient wisdoms to modern forms of neurolinguistic programing.
  • A like-spirited group giving you a safe community and buddy to share your goals and inspirations.

There are opportunities for questions and two hours of my personal time with you, making this very different to many of the pre-recorded programs out there.  In addition, if you cannot make a session you will have the library of downloads to choose from.

Why You Might Want To Join This Group:

  • To make a difference and find your voice.
  • You want to have a support system that will collaborate with you to create and monetize this new business/offering.
  • To stand out from the crowd with your idea.
  • To redefine your focus, clarity and motivation.
  • To begin again, this time wholeheartedly, effectively, realistically and successfully.
  • You know you are worth it – but can’t quite put a finger on how to monetize it.
  • You want to attract the right crowd to your business.
  • You want to erase fear and anxiety around stepping into something new and build your self- confidence.
  • You want to understand your money values and why these have held you back in the past but not anymore.
  • You are excited to discover that who you are is part of your brand and how to make this work.
  • You want to be around for the long ball vision and not just a quick fix.
  • To maintain momentum and steady growth.
  • To generate a generous flow of income.
  • You want to create an easy, practical, insightful, visionary and empathetic way of working.
  • You are looking for partner who is committed, will hold you accountable, is practical, understanding, pushes and questions, is insightful, intuitive and wants to see you be the success you truly are.

Join Me

I take you on a journey of self-discovery matched with profound proactive self-help tools to get you where you want to be, by helping you reveal your true nature and purpose before you make any choices on your next steps, and then using methods to help you break free of patterns and beliefs that hold you back.

Discover easy, effective, profound tools that you will love using:

  • How to reprogram your brain and put your attention on what you want rather than continuously focusing on what isn’t working …
  • A simple yet powerful 5 step process that encourages you to become, again, the best expression of yourself, in relationships, career and life.
  • A unique, fast, simple and profound process that brings amazing results in a short turnaround period and works with you on an emotional as well as practical level to open doors you may never have considered.
  • How to close the gap from where you are now to where you want to be with a product/offering that begins its journey with this group.


The hidden keys for monetizing your worth and creating success are understanding that personal fulfillment and success go hand in hand.

I am excited to work with women who feel inspired to write the next chapter in their lives and who want to:

  • Discover their true self and purpose.
  • Reconnect with parts of themselves they had forgotten like hidden talents and goals.
  • Be the cause of their life and not the effect.
  • Launch a new life chapter or business venture and want to do this with excellence.
  •  make a difference and feel fulfilled.
  •  re-establish confidence and ease.
  • manage and build a new lifestyle.

Here's What's Included

Week 1


  • Private 1:1 Mentoring / Your Life’s Design / Your Purpose:  An interactive and highly intuitive method for discerning your life’s direction and purpose. Very profound and empowering.
  • 2 hours of laser mentoring with me privately outside of the group.
Week 2

In The Group

  • Letting Go of Fear & Self-Sabotage: Using energy psychology techniques to break the pattern of old limiting beliefs based on experiences you have had in the past that are stopping you from moving forward.
Week 3

Breaking Into Your Worth

  • The Five Hidden Motivators for Manifestation
  • How to Always Set Your Goals from Now On
  • Heart Focus Breathing: Learn how to create better stress responses and effective communication
  • Your Smart Goal: Narrow in on what you want to create, how to measure it, how achievable is it, relevant to you and your timeline.
Week 4

Adventure, Vision & Your Map of Action

  • Move forward with your goal.
Weeks 5 - 8

Maximizing Your Potential

  • Creating Your Product/Service/Offering: Begin the process of identifying a viable, exciting, practical and effective business/product
  • How You Became Strong Through Your Struggle: Channel what makes you stand out and effectively communicate your service/product
  • Your Unique Edge:  A content driven approach based on your personal journey to be used in your marketing.
  • Your Divine Right Client: Target those best suited to purchase your offering, your clients who you love to work with, who best resonate with you
  • The 3 Levels Of Communication with Your Divine Right Client: How to communicate effectively with your clients and create your elevator pitch.                                                              
Week 9

Monetize Your Offering

  • The final countdown to launching your offering from; your company name, slogan, title, business set up, packaging, pricing, special discount packages, bonuses, marketing, website content, clients, social media, legal. Your best next steps.

Monetizing Your Worth Worksheet

  • Monetizing your worth is part of your personal and business success, it speaks volumes about your self-esteem and belief patterns.
  • These exercises will help you connect to your value about money, your past history with it, and how to change it as you move into creating your new offering.

Get Started

Groups are run every three months, to enroll simply email me and we can set up a good time for a conversation about what you are looking for and further details about the group. Looking forward to meeting you!

Nicola Salter, Mindset Mentor and Empowerment Coach