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Welcome to the reDEFINE YOUrself experience designed to inspire and elevate senior management with unique tools and a fresh perspective to create outstanding personal and business performance that creates expansion and momentum in your business growth, and makes a difference.

The (re)Define Yourself Private Mentoring Experience is ideal for organizations seeking to support their employees with building creativity, inspiration, courage, expression, managing stress, change or conflict and for each employee to understand their unique brilliance, their personal growth and how this drives the success of the business.

This program takes the very best of self awareness techniques combined with task orientated goals and creates a new perspective of approaching business using simple, powerful mind and body techniques that are quick and easy to use, creating a template of opportunity for every project, goal or choice that senior management is required to make.

The Program model combines visceral body experiences with mind and emotion techniques to help your employees deprogram old belief patterns that have them stuck in old ways and give them new programming techniques for the brain, to create positive belief patterns that they authentically believe in for themselves and the impact they have on those around them, that culminates in a thriving, elevated workforce and successful business performance that may inspire new business and expand business success.

Nicola Salter, Program Creator and Facilitator, has created this program for the conscious entrepreneur and those organizations understanding the need to balance personal life and work for their workforce along with maintaining excitement, passion and fulfillment at work, as well as resilience, momentum and expansion to achieve increased business success and the difference your organization makes.

The program was created following Nicola’s mentoring work with senior management at her practice in Los Angeles for the last 20 years, combined with her own corporate experiences in London for 15 years. She came to understand that business success partners with personal fulfillment, at the office and at home. She witnessed a shift in the way in which entrepreneurs were becoming more conscious about the impact they were making with their services in the world and watched their success and fulfillment flow as they became more aware of their role and the ripple effect of positive momentum they could create and receive. Taking this concept, she then researched additional methods and tools to support entrepreneurs, senior management and individuals discover more about themselves and their purpose and align this to creating a template for them to work from to inspire their goals simply and effectively over a three month period.



  • A fresh perspective for doing business with fulfillment and watching success and achievement follow easily
  • Inspired creativity and outlook in business planning
  • Understanding change and its value to business for continued expansion
  • Taking your business to a wider global perspective
  • Improved job satisfaction and momentum in achieving goals successfully


  • An improved state of mind and calmness to achieve deadliness and work pressure more efficiently
  • The connectivity of inspiration and intuition for business
  • Understanding what their unique brilliance is and how this plays into the success of the business
  • Connecting with their inner wisdom and desire to make a change for themselves and others at work and personally.
  • Breaking free of sabotaging belief patterns undermining success, and understanding the role the brain has in creating new realities
  • An understanding and trust of the gut reaction for making business choices
  • New ways of channeling creativity to define or redefine their goals and working with one specific goal
  • A new unique and simple approach to manifesting more business
  • Keys for understanding a deeper perspective on the need to be more proactive and less reactive, how this impacts their emotional well-being , health and the business.
  • Stretching to new expanded levels of expression and purpose that raises their fulfillment levels
  • Understanding the far reaching effects of their skills and talents and impact on a successful business
  • Creating momentum, excitement and stamina … daily.
  • The balance of personal and work life
  • Measurable outcomes
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Nicola Salter, Mindset Mentor and Empowerment Coach