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060: Trust Your Abilities & Culture To Make It Without The Push — with Sabrina Garba

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Today Sabrina Garba CEO of the Glass Ladder Group joins Nicola for an extensive yet concise discussion about moving into the age of increased cultural sensitivity at work, how she niched this market from her experiences growing up, exposure working with notable peer groups and leaders, whilst studying for her Masters, to her own burnout from being the ultimate wonder woman to redirecting her life.

Discover how she made her come back in an innovative way, started her own international organization at a young age, and is now launching her Honey Hive women’s leadership group that encourages a space for women to just be, connect, what it means to be a woman at work, and build upon what women are so skilled at, intuitive leadership.

You will hear Nicola and Sabrina discuss the value and impact women can make in the workplace by trusting their unique abilities as women that differ from those of men, and the future of dropping their limiting sabotaging believes and raising the bar in their confidence, self-esteem, trusting their voice and knowing they work in partnership and collaboration with men.

Sabrina K. Garba is an award-winning strategist, public speaker and philanthropist who is passionate about creating environments where people thrive and reach their highest potential. Sabrina is known for her proven track record in designing and implementing holistic programs that achieve organizational goals and objectives in public, non-profit and private sector organizations.

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