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Your Gift is Your Heart’s Voice

Your unique voice will open doors to your success. The trick is knowing what it is and how to use it. Before you step into anything new for a career, blog or business, ensure it’s a fit for you with International Mentor, Nicola Salter, with an EXCLUSIVE, VIP & PERSONAL LIVE 6 HR INTENSIVE to inspire and empower you to make the right choice.

No pre-recordings, total intuitive professional feedback guaranteed.

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Exclusive VIP Offering for March

Your beautiful idea, dream or new venture is quietly waiting to make an imprint and carry you into your future.

If you want to open a door onto a life of fulfillment, empowerment, success and freedom, I want to help you, but being totally realistic, it is vital to discover your unique gift first before stepping into a new commitment and ensuring you stay on track.

What is your Gift?

Your Gift is your heart’s voice and your life’s journey.

Combine these two diamond facets of yourself and you will forever spark an inspired, profoundly innovative force that will motivate and drive you to reveal a new venture, lifestyle, career or offering that is a natural extension of you and that you will successfully bring out into the world.

Remembering who you are, coming home to your true self underlies the success of your offering, product or venture. Building relationships will be based upon knowing yourself, not being like everyone else. Speaking your truth without fear.

Before you embark on any ideas, blogs, dreams or thoughts about what you want to do next, connect with your Gift. Your gift is your purpose, why you are here – and don’t underestimate its fundamental importance for your future success.

Understanding your gift and how your life’s journey interweaves with the type of venture you choose is paramount to making you stand out from the competition, up-levelling your game, giving you a unique edge. As many of my clients comment they wish business schools would use this approach before anyone begins a new business or venture.

The way business is going now, is to come from a more heartful and mindful place for long-term success and meaning.

VIP 6 hr Intensive with Nicola, personally, live, no pre-recorded online programs.

That’s why for this month only, I am offering you the opportunity to work with me exclusively live and in person for a VIP 6 hour intensive to:

  • Reconnect with your Gift
  • Explore your idea/venture and build it out so it aligns with who you really are
  • Discover skills and unseen abilities that have come up for you through your life’s challenges and how to use these to stand out from the crowd and make your venture stronger.
  • Decide on your new venture and commit
  • Create your elevator pitch and forward direction/goals for building out your venture.


A very powerful and profound understanding of your special gift, unique brilliance, how to turnaround your life’s challenges and make them work and apply to your new venture and create a unique edge for yourself, double check your original idea still works and expand it into something even better or offer up a new idea that makes you feel super excited and is doable, finish with an amazing elevator pitch and goals to start moving this fantastic new venture forward.

Practical, profound (many of my clients have tears as they reconnect with their gift), effective steps for moving forward. You get to work with someone who is passionate about making you a success and has 23 years of business and mentoring experience).

This 6 hour intensive will also include:

  • A booklet to make notes.
  • BONUS: a free 30 minute catch up session a month later
  • BONUS: a 20% discount on the rest of my Maximize Your Diamond Potential and Monetize Your Worth Program after you attend this 6-hour intensive saving you $600

This is not a pre-recorded online program. This is live. This is individually tailored to you. You get my whole attention for 6 hours, my intuitive guidance, experience, support and direction.

I am a great believer that to truly achieve your truest purpose and make it work, you need someone by your side, who is intuitive, very experienced and will not see you wrong.

For 23 years I have been quietly mentoring and supporting women professionals achieve their goals and dreams and helping them to get to where they want to be, not what everyone else is doing, but unique to them.

These women have gone on to create a difference in the world, change their lifestyle and experience prosperity doing what they love.

I want the same for you!

Don’t jump on an idea before you discover who you are and how your personal journey is waiting to reveal exactly what you would be best suited for.

All of your great ideas are bubbling but which one is the one that is the true extension of you, that will stay and prove to be the best successful?

The voice in your heart and your personal journey through life so far are waiting to reveal to you how to spark more life, freedom and success with methods that you can personally discover with me to help create a life’s design that is both exciting, practical, effective, profound as well as pure magic and very accurate.

I will have you on your way to creating that side gig , new business or career you know you want, but not sure where to begin.

It’s time to come home to your truest self and allow your gifts to shine and become part of your new life’s journey.

Your investment: $899 (Use promo code MYGIFT by March 31st, 2019 and receive a $100 discount).

Enrollment is restricted to 10 people — I hope one of them is you!

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