ReDEFINE YOU & Maximize Your Diamond Potential


Twelve personal two hour sessions over 3 months of personal empowerment & mindset coaching with Nicola with email access.

This program totally pulls ‘you’ together, with Nicola’s powerful 5 Pillar Blueprint that is perfect if you are looking to begin a new chapter or want to create a business but unsure of how and what to offer.

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This powerful coaching is an evolutionary 1:1 personal mentoring and mindset empowerment approach to create, package and monetize yourself and/or your business in a more fulfilling deeply connected way that above all truly expresses your purpose, your personality and the life you want to design.

You will receive a 90 page workbook that contains all of our notes and reminders of tools and methods we use, plus a done for you overview of your messaging, branding and next steps.

“Nicola can provide the who, where when and how! And HOW!”

“I went from being stuck in fear – to fear of not getting started soon enough; from feeling lost to feeling inspired! I’m literally transformed in just our 12 weeks together and excited to have learned a thing or two about myself as well! I only had a vague idea and Nicola not only broadened my horizons, based on my own unique passions and talents but also helped to set me into motion with logical steps and practices.”


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Nicola Salter, Mindset Mentor and Empowerment Coach