Brilliance Monthly Membership (Diamond Level)




Here’s what you get:

  • 10 Hours of Fabulous Mentoring for One Month

    Business/Career/New Direction Discovery, Connect with Your Value plus Attract the Clients/Business You Seek: A total of 6 hours (90 minutes per week for a month)*
    Group Mentoring: A total of 4 hours (one hour per week) for a month


    Whether you are in a career and want to change direction, or you are thinking of setting up a passion project to monetize, this time is for you to build out your idea or realign it with my support. I will send you a discovery form to set your intentions.

  • *Mindful Self Mastery- Business/Career Mentoring: One-on-one weekly, 90 minute sessions with me on Skype/Facetime – this is the time for your career and business focus, or building out a new offering, best next steps, accountability and outcomes that will bring results.



  • Foundations for Success Mastermind: Every Monday for one month at 7 pm pst, we meet online as a group, on Zoom, and I introduce you to new perspectives and understandings for working with the quantum field, seeing beyond the illusion and how to connect with the quantum field to create a harmonious lifestyle and work goals that inspire and create abundance, as well as the universal laws of attraction and the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions of living and how this impacts us personally and at work. We will also be focusing on understanding your empathetic skills, your soul’s journey, whether your are a clairvoyant, clairsensory, or clairauditory type and how to use these skills on a daily basis, the Universal Laws how to apply these to your life, empowerment discussion and inspiration, meditation, and accountability goals and purpose driven methods each month to keep you moving forward. The group session is live and recorded.
  • Community Access: You will also have the opportunity to meet other like-spirited individuals in this private group, ready to step into doing business and life in a new, empowered and more intuitive  way.
  • Discounts: Discounts will be available on all programs for members including in person; Redefine Yourself and Maximize your Potential, Redefine Yourself for Realtors, Mastery Mentoring, plus the upcoming Aromatherapy Apothecary online program – self-help using plant medicine for health and emotional issues, including anxiety.
  • Free E-Book: My self-help holistic guide with 333 pages for using teas and essential oils for your health and well-being, which includes all of my own formulations and essential oils to meditate with, that I have used with my clients to help them in a gentle and safe way take care of themselves.Free monthly inspiration sheet dropped right into your mail box
  • Full access to my 50 Unique Brilliance podcasts to date: Empowering women to find their voice and truth with fabulous insights, interviews and guidance on situations, opportunities and challenges many of us face on a daily basis.

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