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    • Private Personal Counseling: Create a greater resilience for yourself by reducing stressful triggers that are holding you back and keeping you in fear, with me on Zoom.  We will discuss personal challenges, fears and anxieties, lack of boundaries,being pulled in too many directions and what to do and actions to take. This intuitive counseling brings clarity, new perspectives, and powerful methods for breaking free of self-sabotage, building new belief patterns, improved confidence and self-esteem, and creating improved reactions to stressful triggers and so much more! This makes a great intro and lays superb groundwork for the Redefine Yourself program.
    • I want to help you connect with your sacred wounds, how these have shaped you, and how to retrain and empower your mindset with a new belief pattern.
    • Discounts: Discounts will be available on all programs for members including: the Redefine Yourself program, How to Decode Your Emotions an online program to help you manage overwhelm and anxiety, get clear on your wounded child, and the choices you keep making, to support the work you are doing with me. Spiritual Business Coaching Groups, and other online programs coming soon.


    • Free monthly resource sheet dropped right into your mail box
    • Full access to my 50 plus Unique Brilliance podcasts to date – empowering women to find their voice and truth with fabulous insights, interviews and guidance on situations, opportunities and challenges many of us face on a daily basis.
    • A $250 discount on your next step the (re)Define Yourself program.

1 review for Brilliance Monthly Membership (Crystal Level)

  1. Chase J (verified owner)

    Nicola is the absolute best – you will not regret working with her. Her attention and unique approach to mentorship is truly unparalleled. Thank you!!

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Nicola Salter, Mindset Mentor and Empowerment Coach