Nikki Goyle on Your Unique Brilliance Podcast with Nicola Salter

062: The Healing Power of Your Mindset — with Nikki Goyle

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In today’s episode Nicola meets Nikki Goyle, food and wellness expert for reducing inflammation in the body. She is owner of Sanitas by Nikki and introduces us to the power of our mindset to change our eating habits

Nicola and Nikki discuss what your mindset is, the difference between a fixed and growth mindset can make to your success, knowing your purpose and being in your flow with something you enjoy doing and how brain fog, digestive issues, fatigue, food choices and alcohol can be linked to high inflammation in the body and what this means.

Discover how Nikki overcame her own autoimmune health issues, how she shifted her mindset into wellness and her new simple to use Inflammation Reset program that will have you making small step by step changes to your diet that are not overwhelming and cover the four pillars of wellness, and the biggest plus – finding substitutions for foods you love.

Find out how tapping into your purpose and being in your flow can help shift your mindset and help you stay on track with your intentions and goals, how previous experiences lead to emotional wounds that also affect our current beliefs about ourselves and get stuck in our mindset, and how one daily habit of change can become your new reality in just 61 days.

Nicola also shares about her new money mindset program, Mastering Your Money Mindset and how to RESET your emotions.

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