Nicola’s 3 Nuggets of Wisdom To Maintain Balance

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My goal is to help women stay on track with an empowered mindset and deep connection with their business while avoiding overwhelm and burnout. Each month I share helpful resources.
This month I wanted to share with you 3 nuggets of wisdom that I personally find valuable to help with maintaining balance.
  • One and Done Workouts – finding time to exercise can be difficult sometimes. Learn the ab sequence that can activate your natural metabolic multipliers and burn more fat than spending 19-minutes on a treadmill
  • Hot Water for Tea – I share my best tips and recipes in this unique and extensive guide for taking care of your health, beauty and spirit naturally.
I would love to know what podcasts, books, apps you are using to help you navigate building or starting a business or side hustle for yourself.
Best Wishes
Creator of Redefine Yourself, Empowerment Mentor and Coach
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Nicola Salter, Mindset Mentor and Empowerment Coach