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“I believe we are wired differently for a reason and this reason is so that we can reach others with a unique message that they will hear and will make a difference to them.”

Redefine Yourself & Discover Your Unique Brilliance

About 7 years ago I realized that the work I was doing in my existing practice of intuitive counseling and energy medicine, which included essential oils, needed to go to another level. I was working with veterans with PTSD, who wanted to carve out a new civilian life but didn’t know where to start and were blocked through past experiences from war, and also working with female clients who were coming to see me complaining of lack of purpose. I was fortunate to meet my coach at the time who introduced me to new methods and ways of moving forward combined with my own techniques.

During this time, I was also going through a relationship shake up and I knew I was changing deep inside and the relationship was no longer matching who I was or who he was. It was a time for redefining myself and finding my new purpose.

My clients in a way were pushing me to go to the next level, and so I did. I created a program called Redefine Yourself and Discover your Unique Brilliance designed for anyone who had ever been given a health or mental label of “you can’t”, for anyone who was stuck but knew deep within themselves they were supposed to be doing something to make a difference and feel fulfilled by it, and for women who had not been able to speak their truth or find their confidence to do so, and finally for women who wanted to discover their potential and transform this into a business.

How do you feel your mentorship program has shaped you?

This is such a great question because honestly,I had to walk every step of my own mentorship program before I could offer it out there to the world. And in the beginning, I didn’t even really know I would be doing this. I just loved the steps and methods I was using to make a difference for myself and believe in myself that when I saw them working, I felt so deeply that I wanted to share this.

The program shaped me to believe in the magic of the world and what it can bring us and by that I mean synchronicity, you know that feeling when something you were thinking about just yesterday and what you want, seems to turn up the next day in some shape or form, and you think, that’s weird I was just thinking that!

Well, synchronicity usually happens when you are in alignment with your greatest potential and you recognize it. I wasn’t quite sure of my absolute purpose at the time, I had a nugget of an idea but bringing it all together walking the walk, talking the talk and raising the bar, took some undertaking.

When I left my relationship I only had $238 in the bank and had to rely on some very good people and my sister to put a roof over my head and then began putting together all the methods I had been shown along with my own, and began to see a shift in my mindset, belief patterns. I soon came to realize just how much the neural patterns in our brains love old experiences and put us in survival mode, so we cannot move forward.

It was an awesome experience, successful and every word and step I share is steeped in a personal experience.

What do you feel is not spoken about enough when it comes to diving into one’s purpose?

Another good question, I think there are many coaches out there at the moment who believe in purpose and understand that it’s an important driving force for all of us to then set our goals from and build out how we are going to make this happen.

But what appears to be forgotten or missing is the understanding that the state of our brains and believing in our purpose is not always believed by our deeper selves.

The methods I use to discover your purpose are very unique and do involve personal one on one time delving deep into the blueprint of who you came into the world to be. This cannot be done by someone who hasn’t been trained in this because then we you do discover your purpose, and believe me the light switch goes on and I usually get chilly bumps as well as my client and there are tears, seriously, because it is such a soulful moment, the heart opens and there is a huge ah ha moment, but the the brain immediately jumps into “ rejection” and disbelief.

So there is an art of discovering your purpose and pathways to this, and then taking action on your purpose and retraining your brain so it believes it. Your brain is so crazy, it just loves to take you to the negative, thinking it is protecting you, but it is really holding you back.

So many of us go to these amazing inspirational conferences and believe in our purpose for a short while, and then our brains naturally turn us to the negative telling us we cannot achieve this.

This is where training to help repattern the brain comes in.

Who Does Your Program Help?

My program is primarily for women seeking to redefine themselves in terms of more deeply understanding who they are , what they want and how to do this, whether we build out a business together, monetize it for them to create success and create amazing content that makes them stand out, build on their own personal journeys and how this attracts their divine right clients, build confidence, drop labels that may have been given to them by society and the medical profession, and help them move away from self-sabotage.

Ultimately its about stepping into the best version of yourself, understanding your journey, the positive impact this could bring to others, and how and what you want to monetize so you can create a business that is in total alignment with who you really are, not what others tell you.

Nicola’s Mentorship Program & Mental Health Mental wellness applies to all of us. Some of us are wired differently. I believe we are wired differently for a reason and this reason is so that we can reach others with a unique message that they will hear and will make a difference to them.

We are not here to please people we are here to master our own realities and those within our community or tribe will gravitate to those who they feel safe and familiar with. I strongly believe that the hero’s journey we have been given is to shape us and to help others, to share and to grow together.

I love the insights I get from my clients who may have been labelled with OCD , ADD, Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders and we work together to build on why these patterns were created and how we can use them effectively and build out a career or direction where we embrace these labels, we don’t resist them but make them effective, and this is what seems to be my gift to intuitively see beyond the label and the fear to the true essence of a person and work with them to see that and then create a direction offering that totally suits them.

The Incorporation of Essesntial Oils and Menotrship

You know, when I first began aromatherapy I really had no idea to what an extent the oils would make a difference in the mentoring work I was doing. I have been fortunate to work alongside clients with Autism, OCD, ADD, PTSD, anxiety, suicide ideation and I say fortunate at this point because these courageous people who go about their lives and are conflicted at the same time as building out a career and lifestyle with challenging issues that would sink most of us, and they still find within them, with help and support, the means to carve out a lifestyle for themselves, which I feel and have seen , is often so transformative and deep.
Identifying the underlying emotion and then choosing the appropriate essential oil, for example using Vetivert oil for grounding and staying present, or sweet orange oil for optimism and dispersing irritability, Holy Basil for mental stress, plus many many more and using the power of smell to release neurochemicals from the brain that flood the body, to focus, to uplift, to calm, to balance.Quite often we will do a meditation with an essential oil during the session to help clarify a new thought, or to connect the person to a deeper more connected to space to discover new perspectives.

Negative Thoughts & Understanding Your Brain

All of us have a mindset that is set more to the negative than the positive. Unfortunately, again this is how we are wired. It is not our fault its in our DNA , a survival instinct that keeps us safe, and helps us self-doubt so we don’t make a move forward, in- case we get eaten by a bear or some prehistoric dinosaur. It is in our DNA to have negative thoughts.

But of course these days negative thoughts even though they are neural pathway in the brain that has been prerecorded and also in our DNA, can be let go of, but we do need to use techniques and methods to help us disassociate memory from emotion so we can move forward. There are processes we can use for doing this and also neurofeedback that we use at the Missing Peace for Anxiety Center.

It is a non-invasive technique that allows our brains to self- regulate themselves using sensors and special software and the brain activity is measured reflected back through a video display. We don’t transmit anything into the brain we are only recording and feeing back info found within the brain and then allowing the brain to see its own activity. Self-regulation of brain activity helps our clients function better cognitively, emotionally and behaviorally.
I use EFT, heart focused breathing and the use of essential oils to support the brain’s activity and well-being.

    • The use of essential oils to help clients with negative thoughts is a major part of this, because when you smell an essential oil it triggers part of the brain to release certain neurochemicals that flood through the body, and each essential oil may be able to make a difference with how we are feeling. So for example, we use the aroma of Lavender – to release serotonin, and helps with anxiety, sleep and depression.
    • Bergamot – for PTSD. Also good for unexpressed anxiety, anger, frustration. Allows surrender. Introduces optimism.
    • Chamomile Roman – good for insomnia. Digestive stress. Nervous stress. Over control. Helps to release expectations, connect to compassion.
    • Clary Sage –Lowers blood pressure, panic attacks, calms mind,. Nervous debility, strengthening and focus. Good for restless minds, inspiration flows.
    • Eucalyptus – optimism, feelings of being tied down. Disperses neg feelings. Opens the lungs.
    • Frankincense – cancers. Relaxes the nervous system, nervous tension. Overthinking. Inner awareness.
    • Grapefruit – cleanses, lightens, weight loss, helps feel full. Stops overeating emotionally. Reduces comfort eating. Clears frustration.
    • Holy Basil – mental stress

Soon to be released is Nicola’s program for aromatherapy to support anxiety and PTSD.
What is the biggest thing your mentorship has helped people overcome? Knowing who they are, their purpose, being confident to embrace their brilliance and to step forward into the world making a difference with their story, feeling fulfilled and creating success, personal and financial success for themselves. Many of my clients have come to me completely unclear about their next steps and with anxiety and fear, by the time we complete our journey together they are setting up their own business, meeting new people, creating a product and in some cases generating more money than they thought possible. All because they are committed to take the tools and work we do and move forward, without their commitment none of this would be possible.

Closing Words & Gratitude

I am so grateful to love and live a life that truly expresses who I am and I get to live my purpose with people who are doing the same and give so much love and compassion to the world.

About Nicola

I was originally born and raised in London England and was so lucky to have a fabulous mom and dad who hugely believed in taking care of yourself through your food and well-being. My mom especially was probably the instigator of many healthy foods in our household and special foods for health issues. She really was my catalyst for looking at life in more of a holistic perspective and introduced me to practitioners who would help me with a serious back problem at a young age, and also when my sister and I got sick rather than run for the doctor look at diet first and what to restrict or eat more of with the help of a naturopath.

All of this contributed to my love of learning more about plant medicine and the practice of aromatherapy using essential oils, which then opened the door to many other holistic care practices for the mind, body and spirit. I was also working in London in the corporate world at the time and was one of a handful of women in London 25 + yrs ago to sit with senior board members of an exclusive business member network at quite a young age, with heavy influences in the political arena. This experience was the beginning of a powerful learning curve to help me build confidence in myself and then share this with other business women as I grew in a male dominated work environment in business to business, commercial and residential property marketing. I learned first-hand about the glass ceiling, what it took to break -away from old belief patterns, speak up without fear and really listen and then take action.Knowing who you are and what you stand for is paramount in how you work and live your life. Being of service and feeling fulfilled by it – became my code.I now help women solopreneurs develop their code, their purpose and inject this into a new career, business, their work and life.

During my time in the corporate world, my intuition had led me to work on my own awareness and self-discovery, learning to embrace my own intuitive capabilities in a grounded, effective way and studying and experiencing lifestyle, wellness and mentoring tools outside of my daily work. I too had been challenged with health issues and wanted to make a change for myself. At the time, I didn’t know any of this would lead me to where I am today, all I knew was that I was driven to discover more of what was outside of the box.I finally left the corporate world to begin helping women rebuild parts of themselves they had forgotten and now build for success.

Here I am now in Los Angeles as a Mentor loving what I do, and just so grateful I can help women and entrepreneurs love what they do and make a success of it and build a business … stand out from the crowd with their unique abilities and also build relationships with the work they offer.

Schedule your free bonus call with Nicola to discuss your challenges, your hopes and dreams and how to turn these into an effective new direction for yourself.

Article Source: Toi Magazine

Originally posted in the Aug./Sept. 2019 Issue No.18 of Toi Magazine


Nicola Salter, Mindset Mentor and Empowerment Coach