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Hot Water for Tea

Hot Water for Tea by Nicola Salter

For thousands of years, teas and essential oils have been used to treat a host of health issues, including blood pressure, digestion, headaches, stress, sleep disorders, water retention and women’s health.

Teas and essential oils are excellent tools to help ease tension, reduce anxiety, and uplift your spirit.

In Hot Water for Tea, clinical aromatherapist Nicola Salter shares her best tips and her own recipes in this unique and extensive guide for taking care of your health, beauty and spirit – with essential oils, traditional and herbal teas.

Building on a wealth of research, experience and history, she combines the timeless ceremony of tea and its relaxing impact on our busy lives, along with practical guidance for using tea as part of your daily health regime for specific health concerns and your well-being.

Packed with delicious tea remedies and aromatic elixirs you will discover how to:

  • create your own perfumes with tea and essential oils
  • make your own skin care treatments and enjoy a spa day with friends over a tea cocktail
  • become a tea artisan by blending your own tea remedies, creating fresh healthy tea cocktails and follow delicious tea recipes to expand your knowledge of aromatherapy
  • use tea and essential oils for creativity, inspiration and meditation

Informative and easy to read, Hot Water for Tea will take you on a diverse journey as you witness the humble tea leaf’s ability to unite people and cultures across the globe through ceremony and social gatherings, only asking that you simply relax and enjoy your cup of tea.

I have been using tea and essential oils for many years with my clients as a form of preventative medicine to support minor health complaints and for emotional well-being.  Please use the remedies with your own discretion and do seek the advice always of a health care provider for serious or recurring health issues.  If you are pregnant I would suggest you avoid the remedies

Nicola Salter, Mindset Mentor and Empowerment Coach