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For many years I have being using essential oils in my practice to support my mentoring work. Indeed, my initial studies into natural medicine began when I was in my teens with essential oils for the skin and then with Clinical Aromatherapy.  I have since gone on to lecture, produce webinars, videos and author my book Hot Water for Tea that brings together over 25 years of clinical use of essential oils, my formulations and blends to help people discover the benefits of essential oils for the physical body and their emotional well-being.

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PS. I do not advocate the internal use of essential oils

Aromatherapy Learning

If you are an Acupuncturist looking to expand your services you are providing your clients, this Aromatherapy Apothecary program will demonstrate how to introduce essential oils effectively into your practice; create your own products for client home use, introduce oils into your work for enhanced results and ultimately begin to attract new patients as they begin to see the added benefits essential oils make in their treatments.

This is the first aromatherapy 12 hour online webinar of its kind to introduce, the Western, TCM and Energetic/Emotional qualities of essential oils. Presented by Nicola Salter and Dia Vickery LAc.

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Healthy Seminars


  • Great class – probably the best speaker I have heard at ProDseminars yet.
  • Great wealth of information that I can immediately implement into my practice. Safety and efficacy were thoroughly covered. I am looking forward to incorporating more oils into my treatments. – Kim
  • Loved this course!!! Very well done. Great information that I can utilize right away. – Amanda
  • This was a wonderful seminar – both presenters were great, well prepared, informed, patient and supportive. I will definitely recommend! – Dafna
  • Awesome. I have an extensive background in using and working with plant medicine/essential oils and was unsure how much new material I was going to get from this lecture. I am a plant enthusiast and I am always interested in hearing different styles of teaching and content and clinical/professional experience.
  • This lecture was so great! Really made me excited about pushing myself professionally with using the oils more in practice, specifically with sending patients home more often with their custom blend in the many different forms that can be easily utilized. – Samantha


Here are a few additional aromatherapy videos from You Tube to enjoy.

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