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Podcast Business News Network

Podcast Business News Network

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Steve Harper Interviews Nicola Salter Empowerment Mindset Mentor and Business Coach. Originally posted here on

‘Finding Your Cape’ Podcast

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You Won’t Always Feel This Way In today’s episode we are talking to Nicola Salter direct from Los Angeles, preparing…

Release Emotional Clutter — with Lindsey House

Release Emotional Clutter — with Lindsey House

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Author and mindset mentor, Nicola Salter joins accountability coach, Lindsey House R.D. for an empowering dialogue. “Mentoring is all about showing…

Monetizing Your Worth: Making Money Doing What You Love

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3 key tips to consider when you begin thinking about what changes you would like to make for yourself and…

8 Secret Strategies for Success

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Today I want to share with you some insights that have helped women to strategize their success. These strategies may…

Nicola Salter on The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon

How to Redefine Your Influence and Own Your Brilliance —

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In this episode, Nicola leads us in placing fear in the backseat and gives concrete steps for putting yourself out…

Empowering Your Brand and Content for Success

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Thank you to everyone who joined me this evening to discover more about empowering your brand, content and continuously influencing…

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