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059: The Courage to Be Brilliant — with Maria Banks

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Join Nicola today with Maria Banks, successful Leadership and Business Coach based in the UK about owning your power and discovering how our life experiences shape us and pop up to support us, just when we need them.

Maria started from scratch after a failed marriage and not knowing what career she wanted or could even do. Discover her journey and how her belief in herself, mindset and curiosity to keep moving forward landed her in a globally and geographically diverse organization.

Listen in to how she found herself presenting at the Olympic Stadium in Rome to empower women, giving her entire presentation in Italian, and then setting up her own leadership coaching organization Strada Innovation working with business leaders and business owners to create transformation and change.

Maria has been highly successful in change and performance management and is now, in addition to her coaching work, empowering business women with retreats based in Cornwall, England.

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Nicola Salter, Mindset Mentor and Empowerment Coach