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Your Life’s Purpose is Hiding Within Your Own Heart

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Knowing your life’s purpose is important. In search of life’s purpose, you must embrace your unique brilliance. As the name of my podcast, Your Unique Brilliance, suggests, each of us possesses individual qualities that make us special. Unique brilliance doesn’t come from a place of Ego, but rather a more spiritual, profoundly connected place. 

My definition of unique brilliance is the inner light that you want to share with the world around you. But what is this inner light? Put simply, your inner light is the life purpose that drives, motivates, and inspires you in your everyday life. In the pursuit of success, you must embrace this inner light fully, or, unique brilliance. This inner light is what makes you special, separating you from others in what you have to offer and enact in the world. 

Today, I’d like to share a bit of my own experience in harnessing my unique brilliance to assist me in defining and living out my life’s purpose. In sharing my personal experience with you, I hope to inspire you to get in touch with your inner light. Once connected with it, I hope to inspire you to use it to motivate your actions along the path to success. 

The Importance of Defining Your Life’s Purpose

Years ago, when working with my mentors and coaches, it became evident to me that none of us can progress down the path to success without defining our life’s purpose. I like to call this purpose “unique brilliance”. In my time working with my mentors and coaches, I dedicated myself to defining my own life’s purpose, my unique brilliance. In my efforts, I discovered and connected with the fact that my unique brilliance was to reveal the Universe’s magic that exists within us all. This purpose fueled my motivation to speak up for empowerment and prosperity without sacrificing personal freedom. 

This realization was a big “wow” moment for me. I began asking myself what I would do with this information, how I could harness my unique brilliance and use it to propel myself down the path of success. What transpired from this inner exploration of my life’s purpose was the realization that my childhood values came through in my work. When working with clients, these values produced my sole mission statement. 

This mission statement became a code for me, opening many doors and producing many “a-ha” moments that gave me personal direction. I credit this mission statement with informing the way I made decisions from that point on in both my personal and work life. Soon, I began harnessing this energy to reveal the magic that exists within each of us. This translated into the way I utilized the methods and techniques that I use to help my clients connect with the laws of the Universe. It also proved beneficial in understanding how their emotions impacted their personal success.  

Empowerment Through Your Life’s Purpose

An equally important part of my mission was to help people, women specifically, find empowerment through their life’s purpose, creating additional income. This, in particular, was very important to me as I found myself struggling with the same problem. For this reason, I felt that sharing my struggles and story would be impactful to women who were going through the same situations. I knew that helping others to find their life’s purpose was central to their success. So how did I do this?

I started by creating a network. This network consists of myself and my clients. Here, we share our talents and services, striving to benefit the whole of the group. Each time that I assist a client with defining their life’s purpose and creating their own business, I share their services with other women in the network who may be in need of what they have to offer. In this way, they are creating something new alongside other members of the network and offering it to the network. 

Prosperity Without Sacrificing Personal Freedom

My goal has always been to spread prosperity among each member of the network, not just about making money myself. In this way, I am assisting others in getting in touch with their own unique brilliance, defining their life’s purpose, and finding empowerment through that life’s purpose. The real value found in what I do is creating prosperity for each of us without sacrificing that all-important personal freedom. But what does that mean?

All too often, in pursuit of a career centered around a defined life’s purpose, women work hard to create something for themselves only to have to give up their lifestyles, families, and friends. All of these things are things that should be treasured and held dearly along your path to success, not given up. Life isn’t about giving these things up entirely in pursuit of success. 

My life’s purpose became even clearer through this powerful soul-connected statement. Now, I take each of my clients through the same process before we begin any mentoring work. This provides clarity and inspiration all before you get started in choosing what your inspired goal will be for the next year. 

Seeking Your Life’s Purpose Through Inspiration

So what does inspiration mean? Put simply, inspiration means to be in spirit and connected with your soul. I also like to think of inspiration as being in alignment with your heart and your life’s purpose. If you currently find yourself thinking about your life’s purpose and where you would like to begin, remember that your purpose should always be in alignment with your heart. This is because no matter what happens along your journey, you can always come back to your heart. 

Your heart is always your guiding compass, and your life’s purpose is, in a way, your heart’s voice. I have often watched in complete wonder as my clients make their statements. Say things like, “this is me”, “this is why I am here”, “this is my truth”, and “this is my life’s purpose”.  

Are You Operating in Alignment With Your Life’s Purpose?

Take a moment to ask yourself if you are operating in alignment with your heart and life’s purpose. Are you acting with your defined truth in mind? Are your actions inspired by your life’s purpose? If you aren’t or are still struggling to define your life’s purpose, that isn’t your fault. After all, life has a way of forcing us to make decisions, acting according to a variety of outside factors. These factors may include the wishes of our parents, our community, or our culture. With all of this outside noise, it can be easy to forget what our life’s purpose is and what we really want to do. 

Quite often, when we’re young, we already know what we want to do. As the years go by and we feel the pressures of everyday life, this voice can sometimes become muffled. Here’s something important to remember: our parents simply want what is best for us, and society’s rules can actually fit what we want to do and who we truly are. What is important is to define your unique brilliance, your life’s purpose, and never sway from that goal. This is, after all, what it takes to be successful. Many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs made it because they operated in alignment with their life’s purpose and didn’t sway from what they knew it was. They just had to see it happen in the world. When you operate in the same way, success is nearly guaranteed. 

How to Connect With Your Life’s Purpose

So, you may be asking yourself how you can connect with your life’s purpose. As we have discussed on the podcast, your heart has its own brain where it stores its own experiences and memories just as your brain does. The key to connecting with your life’s purpose is to first connect with your heart’s wisdom, and this is done through meditation or quiet, peaceful moments with yourself. 

The clarity of mind that is enabled when connecting to your heart’s wisdom through these moments is central to defining your life’s purpose and operating with it in mind. This is because it becomes much easier to hear your own voice. It is essential to make crucial decisions about your life when you are relaxed but still coherent. Here, coherent means that your mind, body, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing are all in perfect balance. Your heart will always tell the truth, and if you listen hard enough in these moments for at least five minutes a day, you can listen to your heart and connect with your life’s purpose. 

Let’s say that you have always dreamed of creating a business, writing a book, helping people, or creating a show or writing a movie. Sit with yourself and ask whether or not this chosen action is in your best interest or highest alignment and complete a simple exercise. This exercise involves deepening your breath for a few cycles, breathing in for a count of six, and breathing out for a count of six. While doing this, focus on the heart center of your chest. Imagine that your breath is flowing in and out of your heart. This allows you to destress and become more coherent.

During these moments of increased coherency, you are activating your heart’s brain, sending signals to the brain inside your head. This makes it easier to make decisions regarding a dream that you have and whether or not you should continue with it. After this exercise, you may feel extreme joy or motivation to move forward with your dream. This is your heart’s voice telling you what your life’s purpose is, driving you toward it. As you’ll find, your life’s purpose was hiding within your own heart the whole time. All you had to do was give it a chance to speak. 

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Nicola Salter, Mindset Mentor and Empowerment Coach