Life Path Mastery

for personal expansion

What is Life Path Mastery?  Life path mastery is something we all do every day, without even thinking about it.  We just don’t see or value it as mastery. You are actually quite brilliant at mastering what life gives you, to a point, until that is you begin to feel drained, lost, scared, anxious or unfulfilled.  This draining energy is usually the red flag to let you know that it is time to reconnect with your life in a way that makes you feel confident, masterful and happy.

To reconnect to your life in a new way, involves understanding your purpose, your brilliance and your mission, and what ignites that inner sparkle within you to make you love speaking up, going  to work, enjoying relationships, making money – choosing every aspect of your life to work for you rather than against you.

Whether your goal is to make more money, have your own home, travel and adventure more, study, own your own business, step into a new career – these are all great goals, but the key to getting there is for me to truly understand your essence and expand this into a realistic achievable new direction.

Helping you reach your goal means looking at you as a whole person and what is holding you back and breaking through this so you can break free.


Your Personal VIP Pathway to Success

(6 hours)

This is an introduction to the more expansive 21 hour Monetize Your Worth and Maximize Your Potential Program.

Discover the four keys for success that you will be able to apply over and again to your business/career and lifestyle choices. Used by well-known entrepreneurs, these steps are key skills known to bring success and I have expanded on these to bring  powerful insights for you get on track and discover how you begin to make changes and connect with new perspectives for your success.
We will work on:
– Your Purpose, the reason why you are here along with creating your newest goal/inspiration that is completely in alignment with who you really are not what everyone else wants to think you should do.  This is truly heart-based and connected.
– Trusting and listening to the power of your intuition for making  correct choices. Discover this simple method that will never fail you.
– Discover the importance of resilience, coherence and avoiding over-reaction in chaos. Managing stress more effectively, communicating more effectively and not buying into the drama whilst you create and build your goal.
– Identifying your challenges and breaking free of them like fear, self doubt, anxiety, not being good enough-  and releasing self-sabotage so you can create with confidence.
Each step is designed and individually tailored to match what you want to see as a breakthrough for yourself and your business with one specific, measurable and achievable goal that feels totally in alignment with you and helps take you to your best next step, personally and with your business.


Women have worked with me to successfully achieve salaries, goals and new beginnings beyond their wildest dreams. I want the same for you.

This VIP day will give you tools to begin and will awaken you to new perspectives about yourself you never knew where there.

I will hold a spot for you. Email for more information.

You will receive an email follow up from me with further details and to schedule your chosen VIP day
The VIP Day can be in person or on Skype/Facetime.


Free Consultation

To help you make the first step I encourage you to set up a free consultation with me and we can discuss your challenges, blocks and new perspectives for your success.

Nicola Salter, Mindset Mentor and Empowerment Coach