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There is a magic in the air … despite the frantic dashing about to put up holiday lights, host parties, attend parties, purchase gifts, send holiday greetings .. there really is a magic in the air.

The other night my friend Voula was working very hard on yet another unusually cold evening in LA to put up her Christmas lights, on her own, a massive job with large polar bears, reindeer and sleighs, fir trees and stars, icicles and candy canes … we were both wearing hats, gloves and puffy coats. Bulbs were fusing, the fake snow had gone missing, extension cords were needed as we put as many plugs as we could into one outlet praying there wouldn’t be an explosion. Ladders, screw drivers, hammers, Christmas music belting out of the radio in the garage… all life had been put on hold for the sake of the reindeer and the Christmas tree …

“Why are we doing this … tell me one more time?” I asked sipping my peppermint tea.

Voula grinned.”I love doing this” as she hung from the ladder swinging a hammer in the air. I ducked. “Why?” I asked.  She laughed, “haven’t you seen how many people smile when they pass by here and see all of this? People smile, these lights bring joy. I like that. I feel like I’m giving something back and  that makes me happy!”

Exactly! All of this business with the lights wasn’t because she had to do it, or impress the neighbors, Voula’s holiday gift to herself was that she wanted to make people happy. How does that song go?

” Make someone happy. Make just one someone happy.And you will be happy too….”


Sending you much love and light always.



Festive Tea Recipe from ‘Hot Water for Tea’

Cranberry Gin Mar’tea’ni

Take one cranberry tea bag and steep it for 3 minutes, then remove the bag and freeze the tea for 20 minutes.  Take a cocktail shaker and add ice, gin, a squeeze of lime and orange juice, add the tea and shake.  Serve in a chilled martini glass with a curl of lime zest and enjoy! (for added sweetness, use cranberry juice instead)

Nicola Salter, Mindset Mentor and Empowerment Coach