Mindset Empowerment Programs
Helping your people prevent burnout and improve mental health.

Maximize employee efficiency, engagement, and happiness in your hybrid-work culture with customized, flexible in-person and on-line programs created to build self-reliance and self-care to build resilience to stress.

Stress costs American employers approximately $300 billion per year.

51% of US workers are mentally “checked out” at work.

Companies spend around 75% of a worker’s annual salary to cover lost productivity or to replace workers.


I know what you’re dealing with ..

and that can be difficult…

  • Staff turnover
  • Shortage of talent
  • Attracting talent
  • Constant evolution of skills
  • Employee engagement
  • Managing relationships
  • Pressure from your employer and employees


Your workforce is everything, without their loyalty, commitment, trust and belief, your organization will not achieve it’s fullest potential and profitability.

Implementing mental health and wellness programs have proven:

  • a positive impact on hiring and retention. And employees reported that they’d prioritize this type of support when they look for their next job.
  • 60% of people say that mental health benefits will factor into their selection of their next job
  • 5x more likely for companies offering mental health benefits to have experienced markedly improved retention since 2020
  • 66% of employees report feeling better about their employer after using a benefit

(Paychex survey)

Contact me today at the link below to schedule your needs analysis meeting for an evaluation of your organization’s key stressors.  How to implement preventative stress measures to increase positive mental health and mindset growth for your specific goals and for your employees to feel good.

Bringing Your People Back to Better Than Before

Hi, I’m Nicola Salter, owner of Aroma 1 Inc and an Empowerment Mindset Mentor and Coach. For the last 25 years I have helped over 16000 individuals build resilience to stress  with preventative self-care measures that help them overcome anxiety and overwhelm, reduce time away from work, and reach their purpose and goals.

I help your organization retain your workforce, reduce absenteeism and substantial turnover costs by providing retreats, plus easy to implement online and onsite programs for your employees to learn tools for how to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, and recognize when they are out of balance and the steps to take.

I want to grow with you as a small developing company with a huge heart and a ton of experience.  My work has positively touched veteran navy seals, entrepreneurs, ceos, leadership, thought leaders, educators and so many more.

Aroma 1 Inc prides itself on:

  • Being available
  • Being flexible
  • Clear communication
  • Organized
  • Diverse
  • Cost-effective
  • Meeting your goals

The Process


Undertake a stress needs analysis to get the scope of challenges your teams are facing with stress, this gives us the opportunity to tailor what you need and want with our menu of services.


Set your objectives, goals and results you would like to see from the programs we provide, and you are guaranteed a KPI at the end of the program plus a follow up 3 months after the program.


We provide a combination of online programs, in person, and community chat/webinars to bring your employees effective self-care methods they can use at work or at home, to reduce anxiety, overwhelm and stress and preventative measures to identify when they are out of balance and actions to take using holistic methods.



…if you could empower your employees with cost effective, easy stress reduction tools for the long-term. Equip them with self-care proven methods they can use at home and at work to center, improve resilience, improve competency and confidence.

Well you can create a happier workforce who love working with you and align with your mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

I know there are many stress management programs out there, but this is different. Our RESET Program is about learning to build resilience to stress so that stress doesn’t take you down.  Building a foundation to lessen your reactions,  bring more balance, calm and coherence using science proven holistic methods that build emotional intelligence and help your employees self-regulate their emotions, that will positively impact their interactions at work and your business, fast and effectively.

I have worked with busy leadership who need fast solutions to center, be present and reduce their stress triggers. I am now offering you the same preventative tools that take seconds to implement and work to dial the volume down on your stress and overwhelm, stay clear and focused.

I have worked with at least 15000 individuals, using the methods I am showing your workforce. These individuals include leadership, entrepreneurs, educators and thought leaders, creatives, navy seal veterans – they seek me out to help them with these methods for redefining themselves, reducing limiting beliefs and dialing down the volume on stress and overwhelm, post traumatic stress, understanding what triggers them and reconnecting with their purpose and flow.

Plus, my experience in the holistic field for the last 30 years and training in holistic medicine, neuro-change mindset and neuroplasticity, energy medicine, coaching, mentoring and my corporate background enables me to provide fast effective solutions that fit in with your work-day and create improved work/life balance

Capability Statement

Start helping your employees today with powerful preventative stress measures that will help them and your business succeed.

Contact us today for your bonus stress assessment needs analysis helping you help your employees build resiliency, confidence in their competency, and reduce stress and overwhelm to create the motivated, innovative workforce you strive for.

    Nicola Salter, Mindset Mentor and Empowerment Coach