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I stepped off the plane at Charlotte Airport and was late for my connecting flight to LA.  As I nimbly ran dodging the world and his wife to find my gate, I decide to chance my luck even further with my tardiness  by diving into a nearby restroom.

Chances of course were that is would be super busy and it was,  there was a line.  As I patiently crossed my legs waiting, praying that the plane would indeed wait,  I heard a delightfully rich female voice bellowing through the restrooms, directing everyone to nearby waiting stalls that had just become available for use.

As the line very quickly began to melt away, a very stately African American woman came around the corner, slightly salted and peppered hair, wearing the airport uniform and grinning from ear to ear. She was the air traffic controller of the ladies restroom, or powder room as she preferred to name it.

I didn’t have to speak with her long to discover that this lady, Gloria, absolutely loved her job. She was quite a joy to listen to as she proudly showed me her basket of peppermints, rolled up fresh hand towels and her words of encouragement as she moved all of us swiftly through the restroom so we wouldn’t miss our connections. There was an air of lightness as we all jostled through chatting with each other and waiting for our turn, Gloria all the while, directing and admonishing us like a group of school girls as we all hooted with laughter.

“I see the world here” she grinned, “I don’t have to go far and I love it. Every night I go home with a new story, new adventure, new people I have met. I am proud of this restroom, I see to it that everyone enjoys their visit …”

I sat on the plane (thanks to Gloria) and pondered the heartfelt scene I had just experienced. I work with many people from all walks of life to help them discover their unique brilliance and true nature for being here, supporting them as they redefine themselves. I mentor them to create better lives.  Here was Gloria, who was so connected and switched on that she had already discovered that being of service brings true fulfillment, freedom and success in whatever field you choose.

More than that, she had listened to that spark within her and followed her heart. Each and every woman who passed through that restroom received full on Gloria attention and whether they knew it or not, she was sparking in them motivation, fulfillment, grace, kindness and humility. She was showing them that it is not about the job you do, its how you do it, and then how you become it…. as I added more lemon to my green tea, I felt my heart smile.  Thank you Gloria.





Nicola Salter, Mindset Mentor and Empowerment Coach