012: Energy Vampires & The Art of Not Minding — with Nicola Salter

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This week’s nugget episode, is a short, fast and focused piece of shared wisdom,  all about the people you surround yourself with as you begin to create what you want in the world, and begin to make new choices and redefine yourself.

Energy vampires will want you to follow them on their path and disrupt your own life to such a degree that there is nothing left but exhaustion for you. How do you handle this? What does your true tribe of supporters look like to you? What is the heart-based life you  want to create for yourself by surrounding yourself with like-spirited souls who nourish and lift you up with support  in every way.

For this week, Nicola will ask you to approach 2-3 of your like-spirited friends and ask them how they see you, your qualities, your strengths, the work they feel is totally fitting for you, how they can support you and then ask them how you can support them. You may find their feedback enlightening, empowering, truthful and very useful in how you see yourself in the world and how you want to present yourself.



011: 4 Tips for Dropping the Need for Perfection and the Science Behind Why We Can Multitask So Well — with Julia Zarro

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You are already perfect! Yes, today we are going to be talking about the importance of working passionately at what you love, not sacrificing your life and avoiding that driving need for perfection, whilst we explore the science behind multi-tasking and why us women are just so good at it (and forget we need to keep it in balance).

Research has shown women find it easier than men to multitask and switch between tasks. Women can jump between incoming emails, phone calls, and assignments, while running in and out of meetings more easily.  However, both women and men slowed down and made more mistakes as they switched tasks and tried to work faster.  You are going to discover more today about multitasking and why letting go of being 200% perfect is ok.

Nicola’s very special guest today is her best friend and sister, Julia Zarro, who is the very epitome of being able to balance life and work whilst leading an Experiential Marketing Agency for some of the largest Tech organizations in the world.

Website: zedink.com



010: Tips to Avoid Burnout and Stay in Your Brilliance — with Dr. Kathy Long, Licensed Acupuncturist

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Do you know when you are overdoing it? Tired of being tired all the time? Not feeling your most optimal self? Low energy, foggy thinking…? Today Nicola introduces you to our fabulous Dr. Kathy Long, her dear longtime friend and Acupuncturist who is going to share some insights to help us identify when we are burning out, exhausted and the steps to take to manage this and avoid it.

Plus how she has turned her own stress around and the book she has co-written with husband Jeff, A Parent’s Guide To Anorexia with treatment options, and the pathways for recovery.

This episode covers:

  • What is burnout and the symptoms to look for?
  • How does burnout happen?
  • Can any kind of stress make us burnout?
  • How do we manage burnout?
  • What does it feel like?
  • What steps can we take to prove we have burnout, should we go to the regular MD, how does east meets west medicine differ?
  • What can we take or do to prevent burnout?

You can find out more about her at: KathyLongWellness.com



009: Learn to Avoid Chaos, Drama, and Stay on Track for Success — with Nicola Salter

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Discover some powerful simple techniques that will have you breezing through your day, whilst chaos and drama may be all around you, your stress levels will not get out of hand and you will have the capacity to make clear, effective well communicated choices.

In this episode, Nicola Salter discusses the meaning of being resilient and your ability to bounce back and recoup faster after a challenging situation and not let it drain and overtake your thoughts to ruin your day and focus.

She will introduce you to the best way to plug your energy so that it doesn’t drain and fritter away on stressful situations and you remain … coherent … in harmony and on track.

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Dr Sadie Gal Sanders

008: How Creating More Boundaries Empowers and Improves Your Success — with Dr. Sadie Sanders

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This episode is all about cutting back on multitasking … yesss…. Horror .. we can hear most of you say …. As we strive for perfection and taking on the task of becoming super woman – this  can bring about burnout, and make us scattered. Ultimately, we don’t end up achieving much of anything during our day sending us into a frustrating dark hole.

Today Nicola shares some tips with you about creating boundaries for yourself as you move forward in your life, so you can create the space you need to do the things that are important for you as well as balancing the responsibilities of life and work.

You will also get to hear from the highly talented Dr Sadie Gal Sanders who is owner and operator of Health & Human Performance, the highest-rated chiropractic and holistic health clinic in Woodland Hills California, about the huge value and success she has gained at work and for herself by setting boundaries, and how she does it.

Website: http://www.hhpchiro.com/


007: How to Rewire Your Brain for Success — with Nicola Salter

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Nicola shares the way in which our brains work to create new ways of thinking, creating what we want in the world, feeding your brain and how you can rewire your brain for success This is a diamond nugget episode!

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Julie Solomon on Your Unique Brilliance Podcast with Nicola Salter

006: Find Out How Your Success is Hiding Within Your Own Heart — with Julie Solomon

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In today’s episode Nicola shares the reason it is so super important knowing your purpose in life and introduces you to the wonderful Julie Solomon who is the creator of the Influencer Academy and the extremely popular Influencer Podcast. She is a proud mum and wife, and we find out how she balances all of this and discover why she loves having purpose in her life.

Discover tips for connecting to your purpose and coming home to your truest self and finding the ‘Yes’ in your life! This is my truth!

Website: juliesolomon.net

005: Discover the Secret Sauce for Manifesting What You Want — with Nicola Salter

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Yes! In today’s show Nicola will share how to manifest what you want by setting your goals correctly in the first place, and it is all to do with your emotions and you will get to discover more about her 67 minute online program, The Holistic Manifestation Method – 5 Keys for Creating What You Want in The World.

‘The Secret’ introduced you to the idea of positive thinking to enable manifestation, now take it to the next level … this is what you needed to hear and they forgot to include.

004: 4 Typical Fear Factors That Sabotage Us and How to Turn Them Around — with Sarah Ghattas

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On today’s show, Nicola is excited to share the 4 typical fear factors that sabotage us and hold us victim to our emotions and how we can overcome these and beat them, with some powerful tips and lovely guest Sarah Ghattas who for the first time, shares her journey publicly about her struggles with debt, weight gain and divorce and how she turned her life around.

You are going to hear how she made some new choices in her life, stepped outside of her comfort zone and transformed herself and found love. Sarah is a great motivating force for women who are feeling stuck in their lives and afraid to take a first step, and has created her own business to help women move forward.

003: What is Your Motivating Moment for Change? — with Nicola Salter

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Today, Nicola shares her personal journey and the moment she recalls which motivated her to make a change in her life for the better, and how you can discover your own motivating moments in your life that will help you make a pivotal change that you didn’t think was possible.

All of us have those moments where a struggle or challenge we faced ultimately took us in a new direction of growth and opportunity and the benefits it created.

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