Breaking the Mold
VIP 1-Day Mastermind

Scaling Your Woman-Owned Business Aligned with Your Values

A VIP One-Day Mastermind

Designed to help you grow and build on what you have already accomplished in a holistic, intuitive and proven way.

Saturday, May 25th from 10:00 am3:00 pm pst.

Join me as I bring to the table key takeaways to help you in a relaxed, ‘kick your shoes off style’ reconnect with who you truly are, leverage those untapped talents and scale your business to help you work smarter not harder in line with your values, and meet a group of like spirited business women.

The day is a relaxing mix of inner reflection and helping you scale and balance your business with what is important to you. I help you discover the one mindset block preventing you from taking your business and yourself to the next level and how to break free from this. Plus quick relaxation methods to help you reset and take things less personally, plus the following hands on tips and templates to help you scale your business.


  • Paralysis Analysis – the failure to go to the next level. Overcoming this and embracing a new way of working unlike anything before, without the overwhelm.
  • Up-levelling Your Brand – what is your current offer? A deeper dive into what is working, what isn’t and where you want to up-level to with your current content/products.
  • What is the solution you provide? Defining what you offer, the results and impact you make, plus value you bring by offering your services, all designed to help you increase your prices or/and sell yourself in a new way.
  • Where are your clients and who would you love to work with? With two proven templates to generate leads.
  • Re-framing your sales pitch
  • Your Story – what makes you the expert and why is this important?
  • Owning your authority – the words you use for success, and being seen by the community. Who are you?
  • The Three Codes for Deeper Connection with Your Business – using your wonderful female intuition and making it work for you with sales.

Plus worksheets, templates and hands-on guidance from Nicola!

Plus PLUS: a free 30 minute strategy growth call to go over everything you created with Nicola during the Mastermind and discounted access to her 1:1 Mastermind to accelerate your personal and business growth journey.



*Registration is available on a first-come first-serve basis

Nicola Salter, Mindset Mentor and Empowerment Coach