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150 150 Nicola Salter

  There is a magic in the air … despite the frantic dashing about to put up holiday lights, host…


150 150 Nicola Salter

  I stepped off the plane at Charlotte Airport and was late for my connecting flight to LA.  As I…


150 150 Nicola Salter

I am sitting here sipping my chilled hibiscus tea, loving it with a dash of lemon and a peppermint leaf…

Personali ‘tea

150 150 Nicola Salter

 Today I am quietly sitting at my desk looking out onto the sea in West Palm Beach, how lucky am…

Tea and ch’i for inspiration

150 150 Nicola Salter

Until I started writing my book I hadn’t really thought much about the impact of tea on our inspiration. In…

Finding some peace in diversi’tea’

150 150 Nicola Salter

I am sitting on the plane with a cup of hot steaming peppermint tea (I brought along my own tea…

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