Asterian Astrology

I am delighted to be collaborating with Jade Luna, who is an incredible Astrologer and uses this profound method of Eastern Astrology which is extremely effective and supportive for providing yearly reports on positive and negative aspects of your life, and helps us to fully understand and manage those months that can leave us feeling drained.  Combined with the insights and guidance I provide paired with Jade’s findings for your chart, this makes for a profoundly unique and informative method of working, and will also give you great information about your personality and supports all of the inspired goals and type of work suited for you.

Jade and I are collaborating to help our clients gain even greater insights and effective direction for themselves as well as providing them with tools to manage those times during the year that may be tricky or bumpy to navigate, helping to maintain stamina and a healthy perspective.

Here is Jade’s information:


Jade S. Luna is the first Westerner ever to reconstruct Jyotish (Hindu Astrology) into a Greco-Roman format. He became certified in Astrology from the A.F.A in Arizona, Dynah Academy in India and the A.I.V.S in Santa Fe New Mexico. Luna has written for several magazines including Hinduism Today and Luna has been featured on several Radio shows across the world.

Jade Luna has traveled extensively around the planet, lecturing and conducting workshops on Astrology and Ancient Roman-Greco mysticism. Jade has traveled to India more than 30 times and spent a great deal of time with various teachers, Saints and Sadhu’s in Asia.

Jade Luna consults with people privately. He usually presents a few seminars each year at various locations world wide.

During and after Luna’s formal Astrological training, Bhau Kalchuri (disciple of Meher Baba) and Kal Babaji (Khajuraho India), tutored him in advanced mysticism and other forms of classical Indian lore. Jade Luna has now transformed his Indian studies into a Greco-Roman practice, showing the spiritual connection that the Ancient Mediterranean had with India.

Jade Luna is the author of Asterian Astrology and will be releasing Asterian Astrology VOL. II in the near future. Jade has been one of the most successful Astrologers in the world and has maintained a high level practice for over 18 years.


Nicola Salter, Mindset Mentor & Empowerment Coach