About Nicola Salter

Nicola Salter is an international Empowerment Mindset Mentor and Transformation Coach,  Neuro Change Practitioner, Biofield Practitioner, Heart Math Coach, Educator, Author, Podcaster.

What does this mean? Nicola loves empowering women to transform into their powerful authentic selves, safely without overwhelm and in alignment with their values and priorities. She is very experienced and trained in science proven methods to help them do this.

Nicola Salter is an international Mentor, Quantum Field Practitioner, Heart Math Coach, Educator, Author.

She is originally from London, England where she worked for well-known international business to business corporations, and in residential and commercial property marketing for 15 years, building and launching successful brands, organizing large corporate events and working with the media as well as developing a passion for biofield communication and Quantum Physics.

My mentoring is all about helping women dive deeply, breakthrough inner barriers, and gain powerful insights empowering them to discover their own solutions, become their own inner authority and powerful to achieve their potential. 

My Mentoring blueprint helps women connect to their purpose that is very unique to other purpose driven coaching, calming their limiting emotions and blocks, helping them create a new signature of living that fulfills and excites them.

“Mentoring is all about showing people how to dive deeply with new perspectives and powerful insights to enable them to discover their own solutions more effectively, showing them how they are defined by purpose, connecting to that purpose, calming their limiting emotions and helping them create a new signature of living that fulfills and excites them.”

Nicola's Story


My journey over the last 26 plus years has been amazing! I help women redefine themselves. I support women who know they want to evolve, they feel powerful but also powerless to take the steps they know they want to make.

I have personally worked with over 16000 individual women from all walks of life; thought leaders, psychologists, CEOs, CFOs, therapists, practitioners, educators, actors, creatives, speakers, and organizations including therapy and clinical settings.

With this experience I have been able to create my blueprint for success, used by myself for my own breakthroughs and based on science proven methods and holistic coaching that isn’t just about setting goals.

I offer inner barrier breakthrough mentoring and coaching with extraordinary results to help women transform. For most women now the old way of success and attaning success doesn’t feel nurturing for us, we want to feel seen, confident, at ease with purpose and yet combining all of our values, needs and priorities for our families and community.

The women I work with are educated, talented and want to work within a safe environment to discover their genius, their purpose and own their authority in a deeply connected way.

This direction I have explored with so many women has taken so many years to create.

I had landed in Los Angeles from London, 26 years ago, and knew I wanted to have my own practice. I didn’t realize quite how tricky this was going to be, as a Brit in America, no network, just a passion to help women find themselves, their purpose and help them live valued, empowered lives. I was fortunate to begin working in private therapy practices, clinical settings and teaching some of my holistic methods at holistic universities in LA.

I am originally from London, England where I had worked for many well-known international business to business corporations, the BBC, international training organizations, business professional development and leadership, building and launching successful brands, organizing large corporate events and working with the media.

In my spare time, I was developing a passion for and studying biofield communication, plant medicine, Quantum Physics, mindset transformational work and emotional wellness – all deep inner work that was helping me overcome the death of my Father at an early age.

Women in corporate London were still facing the glass ceiling at that time, and as I grew in my confidence and knowledge, my female colleagues grew curious about how I was becoming more resilient at work, not getting as triggered by situations and emotions and setting my mindset to achieve goals.

When I arrived in Los Angeles it took a lot of guts, sweat equity and mistakes as I began to build my practice here in Los Angeles and I quickly realized that unless I stayed true and on track without distraction, let go of self-doubt and feeling like an imposter in a foreign country, I probably wasn’t going live my dream. I needed to believe in myself and what I was doing.

Mindset was my number one priority, identifying inner blocks and limiting beliefs were my second priority, and then purpose. Without working on these, no matter the idea or service, I knew it was going to be challenging to stay the course and be successful.

So my experience of identifying emotional wounds, negative beliefs and blocks and then helping my clients release these negative patterns have become an intrinsic part of what I do along with the power of purpose, mindset, motivation and mastery.

My work has become two fold:

1) I help women connect to their purpose and overcome their powerlessness to create what they deeply yearn for.

With my processes women discover their power, how they want to create their own lives and the resilience to build success for themselves, define belief barriers that are holding them back and break through these without setbacks.

They overcome low self-esteem, identify their values, priorities, power and One of the key focus elements is to discover and let go of mindset blocks that create imposter syndrome and self-sabotage and rewire the brain with new belief patterns.

It is my belief that you cannot offer any kind of coaching or mentoring without first identifying, acknowledging, and acting on those parts of you that are holding you back.

Today my organization, Aroma 1 Inc is woman owned, and approved by the WBEC, originally founded in 2000, to empower businesswomen and entrepreneurs to solve their overwhelm and self-doubt by helping them refocus and create a fulfilling sustainable direction for financial freedom, redefine their leadership mindset and reconnect them to owning their worth.

2) I help larger organizations now build innovative, motivated, and productive teams using methods from my blueprint programs.

I offer organizations empowerment mindset and mental health programs helping their employees become empowered and helping them connect with self-care to overcome overwhelm and anxiety with daily habits to shift and transform

Finally, I hope you get to tune into my podcast ‘Your Unique Brilliance’ that has many guest appearances from women in business, with insightful guidance addressing issues us women are typically facing, coupled with light-hearted discussions and tips for helping women continue to grow and thrive.


Want To Learn More?

I was one of a handful of women in London 25 + yrs ago to sit with senior board members of an exclusive business member network at quite a young age,  with heavy influences in the political arena.

This experience was the beginning of a powerful learning curve to help me build confidence in myself and then share this with other business women as I grew in a male dominated work environment in business to business, commercial and residential property marketing. I learned first-hand about the glass ceiling, what it took to break -away from old belief patterns, speak up without fear and really listen and then take action.

Knowing who you are and what you stand for is paramount in how you work and live your life. Being of service and feeling fulfilled by it helps you commit and stay accountable to what you want to achieve.

I help entrepreneurs develop their code, their purpose and inject this into a new career, business, their work and life.

During my time in the corporate world, my intuition had led me to work on my own awareness and self-discovery, learning to embrace my own intuitive capabilities in a grounded effective way and studying and experiencing lifestyle, wellness and mentoring tools outside of my daily work.

I too had been challenged with health issues and wanted to make a change for myself. At the time, I didn’t know any of this would lead me to where I am today, all I knew was that I was driven to discover more of what was outside of the box and discovered Quantum Physics and the power of electrical fields and frequencies combined with intention and elevated emotions.

I finally left the corporate world to begin helping women rebuild parts of themselves they had forgotten and build for success, initially beginning my business in the field of biofield energetics, the transference of energy frequencies to heal. Then the use of smell with essential oils to reduce anxiety, mental exhaustion and depression.

What Clients Say About Nicola

“Nicola cares so much about the journey and the end result. This isn’t just about your work, this mentoring is about discovering what you want to do, making it happen and creating the lifestyle you want from it”. – C Smith
Nicola Salter, Mindset Mentor and Empowerment Coach