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Discover what your heart’s voice is really telling you and how to create a new career, business, venture or offering that expresses your voice and is a true  extension of who you  are.  Your fulfillment and connection with your purpose in life go hand in hand for success. Schedule your free call today to learn more!

About Nicola

As a mentor, I empower women around the world to discover their purpose in a profound and soulful way so they can create balance in their lives doing what they passionately care about and create an offering that is a direct extension of who they truly are.

Redefine Yourself & Maximize Your Potential

My mentorship programs  help you redefine yourself and develop a powerful new career, life chapter or business, with a work-life approach that truly embraces your own unique brilliance.

Solopreneur Mentoring

A personal mentorship program designed to help budding entrepreneurs monetize their idea and maximize their diamond potential.

Corporate Training

Training program for organizations seeking to support their employees with building creativity, inspiration, courage, managing stress + more.

6-Hour VIP Intensive

Live 1:1 focused around developing your new venture and the tools needed to ensure success, including a business plan, elevator pitch, action steps + more.


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