Empowering Your Mindset
for Change & Transformation

I help female leadership and entrepreneurs redefine themselves in alignment with their business to scale in an effective and powerful way, using uniquely fulfilling mentoring and coaching practices.

 I support organizations define their stress landscape and provide  evidence driven effective solutions to build resiliency, improve stress management, productivity and innovation.

My Coherent Five Pillar Mentoring System is based on helping you discover and improve:

Purpose   /   Mindset  /   Value   /   Transformation   /   Change

I have found my purpose as an empowerment mindset mentor, coach, business owner, speakerpodcaster, author and educator and now I want to help you.

I’ve worked with 14,000+ individuals in the last 25 years to support CEOs, Senior Managers, Leadership, Educators, Solopreneurs, Veterans and Artists empower their mindset and overcome self-doubt, low self esteem and overwhelm.

My programs are designed to help women launch and scale exciting purpose driven businesses, providing 1:1, in-person mentoring programs, online courses and podcasts, all aimed at helping you transform your life, live your potential and create a sustainable successful direction. You will discover the magic of your business and the powerful way it helps you grow, and how you grow it the more deeply connected you become.

Our Empowerment Mindset programs for business provides organizations with simple and effective online programs and onsite visits to reduce stress and improve productivity.

There are  never any cookie cutter short cuts, no under-delivered coaching, no fake promises, this is tailored for you and your business to grow, taking my 25 years as a business owner, plus my holistic self-awareness coaching, to grow in a deeply connected and meaningful way.

I am an empowerment mindset mentor, coach, speakerpodcaster, author and educator

I help women launch and scale exciting purpose driven businesses, provide 1:1, online and in-person mentoring programs, online courses and podcasts, all aimed at helping you transform your life, live your potential and create a sustainable successful direction.


My empowering mentorship programs, personalized training and online courses are helping women to redefine themselves and develop powerful new careers, life chapters and successful businesses. Click below to learn more about how you can maximize your potential while embracing your own unique brilliance.

Redefine Yourself - Services
12-Week Mentorship

(re)Define Yourself

An evolutionary 1:1 personal mentoring and mindset empowerment approach to create, package and monetize yourself and/or your business in a more fulfilling deeply connected way that above all truly expresses your purpose, your personality and the life you want to design.

2-Day Training


Learn how to operate and self-master your emotional well-being, health, intuition and insights that create new perspectives and directions as you build your new business or life change with the powerful platform of Reiki for self-healing, transformation and recovery.


Mindset Empowerment

Powerful online and group mentoring programs designed to reset, improve mindset, stress management, build resiliency and create change to reduce staff turnover, burnout and improve productivity, innovation and transformation. Mindset, Motivation, Momentum and Mastery.

COURSE: Destress Online (Self-Paced)

How to Decode & Calm Your Emotions:

Your Self-Care Tool Kit for Overcoming Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm

Free yourself from limiting and painful emotions with natural methods that are science proven and effective. 6 hrs 40 mins of Nicola’s proven methods used with thousands of her clients, without the need for apps or electronics, all wrapped up in an easy self-paced online course.



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