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Nicola Salter is a leadership and high performance coach saving CEOS, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Creatives and Business Owners time and money by working with them in their business to  scale  in line with their values, redefine themselves by better leveraging their talents, be in power with their life and revenue, and create impact with the community they want to align with.

Looking for radical results to improve your life and business?

  • Nicola specifically helps women leadership like you create better work-life balance AND multiply their incomes by working with them to redefine, niche and scale without the burnout and overwhelm.
  • She is looking to partner with women who want to create more time for themselves, up-level, discover and believe in their voices, broaden their horizons and make an impact on their bottom line, keeping them in alignment with their values. 
  • She uses her experience of working with now over 18000 individuals over 25 years, to help you become the expert, to identify and leverage untapped talents, to take your career to the next level and help you work smarter. 
  • Nicola is well-known for actively rolling up her sleeves and working with you to accomplish the personal and business goals you seek and leaves no stone unturned, as you work and collaborate together to build sustainability and success.

Nicola’s approach is not soft, rather directional, transparent, candid, intuitive, getting you to where you want to be without the fluff. She is trained in methods that are holistic to empower leadership and entrepreneurs to re-imagine themselves, reduce stress, overwhelm and self-doubt by helping them refocus and broaden their horizons.

Purpose, Mindset, Value, Transformation, Action, and Accountability.

Certified WBENC (Women's business Enterprise) & NCI (Neuro Change Practicioner) certified



Maximize Your Potential a personalized one to one accelerated mastermind that helps leadership, business owners, creatives and entrepreneurs save time, money and energy by effectively building their business holistically, whilst increasing their growth mindsets for change and potential, confidence and empowerment.


Mindset Empowerment for Corporate Wellness

Powerful online and group mentoring programs designed to reset, improve mindset, stress management, build resiliency and create change to reduce staff turnover, burnout and improve productivity, innovation and transformation. Mindset, Motivation, Momentum and Mastery.


ReDEFINE YOUrself resource rich coaching will bring you:


from your inner barriers and emotional wounds that hold you back and self-care methods to help you keep moving forward creating the success you yearn for.


Nicola’s unique formula combining science and deeply connected fun discoveries that aligns you with your true purpose  and how to level set your mind to achieve it.


to carve out and build together that worthy, valuable and financially successful future you really want to help you scale, up-level, broaden your horizons and introduce new directions for additional income streams that will create more freedom for you.


mindset training to sustain momentum and resilience.


the priorities of work and life plus the balance of your brilliance and being ok with imperfection.

Create a Life That Aligns with Your Values

If you are juggling unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with stress and overwhelm, feeling invisible, living in fear, procrastination,  imposter syndrome, presentation anxiety, lack of motivation and purpose, burned out, overwhelmed and unaware of your super power, or not owning who you really are…

A Powerful Partnership

I can help you clear that blind spot getting in your way. I   help you ignite that potential you know exists within you in a safe and trusting environment to help you grow. You know you have the power within you to make a change, but you want strategy, direction, guidance, expertise  and empowerment to help you uplevel and monetize in line with your values.

Dropping Perfection

The need for perfection paralyses us from taking steps forward. It also creates overwhelm and anxiety. You can reach your goals when you and I together become ok with being imperfect, that doesn’t mean failure, it means realistically accepting where we are at and being ok with that, and making it work for us.

Define Your OWN Unique Brilliance & Authority

One of my super powers is helping you define what emotional wounds are holding you back from up-leveling, scaling and taking those next steps to reach your broader vision.

And then comes the strategic part where we define together how to make it happen, the build out, creating content, packaging, pricing, choosing your platform and model – together.

I help existing business owners expand, new entrepreneurs define and make better their offer, through personal growth, strategy and their bottom line.

There are  never any cookie cutter short cuts, no under-delivered coaching, no fake promises, my programs are tailored for you personally to evolve, discover your purpose in a unique, deeply connected way and create your next chapter strategically.

Raising a community of empowered, confident, and thriving business owners

I have developed my own  blueprint of coaching based on my personal experiences over the years, where I was never quite making the success I was looking for. What I now know is that I was relying on old systems of coaching that were designed purely on goals.

I could never quite create the impact I wanted, I knew I was experienced, educated, and had spent years on my own personal transformation. I felt powerful but often time powerless to create the life I wanted through my work.

Once I realized I needed to embody what I was helping business owners to achieve, my business and life changed.

I put together my 5 step blueprint based on the fundamental tools I used to move through my own emotional wounds and blocks combined with more deeply connected mentoring and coaching systems. These methods would have my clients make the mindset transformation they craved and help them sustain and maintain the change they were seeking personally and to uplevel their business.

My unique use of  science proven methods, mentoring, business coaching and neuro change work along with  integrative emotional wellness work in therapy and clinical settings is the backbone of helping leadership achieve their success.

The results have proven extraordinary  where I have successfully worked 1:1 with thousands of people, mainly women, helping them  to successfully  redefine themselves with fast track methods that help them unleash their potential.

I am an empowerment mindset mentor, coach, speakerpodcaster, author and educator

I help women launch and scale exciting purpose driven businesses, provide 1:1, online and in-person mentoring programs, online courses and podcasts, all aimed at helping you transform your life, live your potential and create a sustainable successful direction.

COURSE: Destress Online (Self-Paced)

How to Decode & Calm Your Emotions: Your Self-Care Tool Kit for Overcoming Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm

Free yourself from limiting and painful emotions with natural methods that are science proven and effective. 6 hrs 40 mins of Nicola’s proven methods used with thousands of her clients, without the need for apps or electronics, all wrapped up in an easy self-paced online course.



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Speaking Opportunities

Nicola is a womens’ inspirational and motivational speaker. She offers workshops, masterminds and speaking to womens’ business groups and women in corporate leadership.


  • Being okay with not being okay
  • Making our flaws work for us
  • Maximizing your potential
  • Overcoming fear
  • Operating from your purpose
  • Values and intuition
  • Creating a new model of success
  • How women shape success

Speaking Opportunities

Nicola is a womens’ inspirational and motivational speaker. She offers workshops, masterminds and speaking to womens’ business groups and women in corporate leadership.


  • Being okay with not being okay
  • Making our flaws work for us
  • Maximizing your potential
  • Overcoming fear
  • Operating from your purpose
  • Values and intuition
  • Creating a new model of success
  • How women are shaping the success model

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