Life Path Mastery

for personal expansion

Life Path Mastery

Check out my new 2018 VIP Exclusive Day designed to help you make this New Year the best ever!

The count down has begun to your truest self in 2018

My gift to you  – A very special VIP day

New beginnings, new year’s resolutions, and a buzz of excitement as we dream about making changes. What if we could make these resolutions and beginnings even more expanded and move beyond your expectations?

  Let’s keep that excitement moving and discover a true path for you, one that avoids  bells and whistles that don’t work, or have you walking a path that doesn’t serve you.

I am offering you for January, the opportunity to spend a one-on-one

VIP Life Path Mastery Day with me.

This special day will be all about you and expanding your goals and resolutions in a way that define you and will happen for you.

  • discover your purpose and essence and expanding this into a realistic and successful direction in work, career or relationship.
  • discover my tried and tested four steps for success that will move you in the right direction for 2018 to meet your dreams and goals successfully (based in part on the template used by successful celebrity entrepreneurs).

The process I offer is powerful and unique combined with visionary insights to reveal your true signature and what makes you stand out from the crowd, but more importantly –  master the life you want for 2018 and onwards.

This 5 hour VIP special day includes a bonus  on-line manifestation training method, (if you book before 31st December), which includes a 50 page downloadable work book which in just 67 minutes will give you a great template to use for the rest of the year to continue mastering the life you want with prosperity, fulfillment and ease.

I am taking 5 people and I hope one of them is you!  I cannot wait to support and help you discover your voice, believe in yourself, know you are worth it and make it happen as I stand behind you shining a light on your path.

Women have worked with me to successfully achieve salaries, goals and new beginnings beyond their wildest dreams. I want the same for you.

This VIP day will give you tools to begin and will awaken you to new perspectives about yourself you never knew where there.

I will hold a spot for you. Email for more information.

You will receive an email follow up from me with further details andto schedule your chosen VIP day, the link to the on-line training will be given to you during our VIP Life Path Mastery Day.
The VIP Day can be in person or on Skype/Facetime.


What is Life Path Mastery?  Life path mastery is something we all do every day, without even thinking about it.  We just don’t see or value it as mastery. You are actually quite brilliant at mastering what life gives you, to a point, until that is you begin to feel drained, lost, scared, anxious or unfulfilled.  This draining energy is usually the red flag to let you know that it is time to reconnect with your life in a way that makes you feel confident, masterful and happy.

To reconnect to your life in a new way, involves understanding your purpose, your brilliance and your mission, and what ignites that inner sparkle within you to make you love speaking up, going  to work, enjoying relationships, making money – choosing every aspect of your life to work for you rather than against you.

Whether your goal is to make more money, have your own home, travel and adventure more, study, own your own business, step into a new career – these are all great goals, but the key to getting there is for me to truly understand your essence and expand this into a realistic achievable new direction.

Here is how I can help you fully tap into your mastery and live the four tips for heart based success, used by many entrepreneurs and business professionals I work with – successfully!


The Four Tips

  • Know your purpose – when you are on track, feel aligned, excited and expanded about who you are and what you are doing, you feel fulfilled, excuberant, you thrive and you are successful. You are making a difference in your circle,  your tribe and the impact on others who gain from your purpose.
  • Trust your intuition – you have an inner voice that helps you make choices, imagine having a stronger more powerful intuition that guides you to ‘sense’ where people are really coming from in a business deal, the foresight to know when an opportunity is an authentic one or one that is based out of fear or ego and will fail.
  • Stay calm and resilient – when you break free of your sabotaging ‘poor me’ belief patterns, using the profound tools I show you to re-pattern those old triggers that plague you and keep you from over-reacting and staying true to your truth, you will make improved choices, communicate more intelligently and find it easier to come from a place of ‘not minding’ and avoiding chaos and drama, which distract and drain you.
  • Be committed – to your life – this includes your lifestyle, wellness, relaxation – building your capacity to be more coherent and resilient to manage and ultimately master life the way you want it to be.


Helping you reach your goal means looking at you as a whole person and what is holding you back and breaking through this so you can break free.

How I support you to achieve your goals with your commitment.

  1. The (re)Define Yourself Experience – 18 hours of individual mentoring
  2. The 5 keys to creating what you want – 1 hour – online program
  3. Growing your intuition and learning to spot opportunities – 8 hours (or more)
  4. Wellness – (optional) – the natural holistic approach including meditation for individuals or corporate, mindfulness practice, Asterian Astrology.


Free Consultation

To help you make the first step I encourage you to set up a free consultation with me and we can discuss your challenges, blocks and new perspectives for your success.