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 My simple goal is to empower and mentor women  around the world create a life and business that is an extension of who they really are, to monetize their worth and maximize their potential.

The first step is to find and connect to your purpose –  your life’s design. When you know your purpose, making choices, staying focused, concentrating on achieving your goals, become easier and more powerful.

Discover why so many professional women are reconnecting  with my profound mentoring methods that help them work passionately without giving up everything to do so. How they are living their greatest potential and thriving with success and fulfillment.

I support and mentor you to redefine yourself and create a new work dynamic that shapes a new improved environment for you and matches your unique brilliance. Our work together is fast, intuitive, deeply connected with an amazing trade-off for your commitment to see your life transform before your very eyes.

When you join me you will be joining a community of heart-based business women, influencers and leaders just like yourself who love being successful, fulfilled, helping each other and making a difference.

Call me today for your Breakthrough Session, I am looking forward to supporting you help discover your unique brilliance.™

Check out my article on Igniting Your Success,
featured in Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper

Want more?

Check out my article on Igniting Your Success, featured in in Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper.


I guide you to success by trusting your intuition, discovering your life purpose, staying calm, resilient, and maintaining your commitment to making it all happen, easily. This is mentoring for profound self-awareness that feeds into powerful business/personal success and pays dividends on so many levels.

For more, check out my Igniting Your Success article in Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper. 

Featured on JulieSolomon.net

Hello Amazing!

Thank you for dropping by… if you want to take back your life, master your success and lifestyle, find something different to step into that fills you with passion, or  step up to the next level, you have arrived at the right place.

I empower women to find their voice, courage, purpose and resilience, I take your true essence and expand this into a realistic and successful new direction, that will bring you a greater sense of fulfillment and ultimately freedom.

There is no one else doing this kind of work that takes you to the very core of who you are first, your brilliance, your purpose before embarking on a new pathway for change. This means we get it right, there is no overwhelm, there are no anxieties or doubts, and best of all … it’s easy and effective. Even within the busiest of schedules.

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For 22 years I have been supporting and intuitively guiding professional women with profound evolutionary methods to reawaken their intuitive nature, revealing forgotten dreams and goals that will spark or  build a new career, expand their business,  improve relationships or launch a new life chapter effectively and with ease.

 I have been fortunate to mentor and guide women  with  unparalleled insights to reconnect to their greatness, their voice and success by steering them to personal fulfillment; creating increased income  and improved lifestyle wellness.

I do this by helping them see patterns and paths in their lives that reveal answers to challenges creating greater depth, confidence, trust and individuality to empower them and expand on what they love doing and breaking free of old ways of thinking and being.

The process I offer is powerful and unique to help reveal your true signature and what makes you stand out from the crowd, but more importantly –  master the life you want.

I am not about coaching packages, I am about mentoring and leading you on a new path that will bring you what you want, with the understanding that to get there, you commit to your intention and your emotional well-being to create what you truly want to match who you truly are.

This is a profoundly transforming experience combining lifestyle changes, holistic mentoring (mind, body and spirit) and intuitive guidance methods that open your heart to help you see life from a whole other perspective, working in a grounded yet highly intuitive environment.

This is not your traditional method of coaching. I am a visionary and mentor  who is experienced, intuitive and will open you to new paths and ways forward that you are excited to implement into your life, because they will feel so natural for you.

It feels good to communicate and discuss what you want to achieve in your life. Schedule your free consultation today. You deserve it.



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If you feel its time to up-level your life and leverage your time doing what you want with fulfillment and success, I am happy to talk to you!  If you are truly committed to investing your energy with a trade-off that brings a new way of living, working and discovering your hidden talents and purpose in this lifetime, let’s talk so I can help you breakthrough and break into a new direction that will bring excitement and empowerment.

Let’s discuss what you you want, your inspired goals, your challenges and what this is costing you and the steps you could take to overcome any blocks you are having to your success. I will offer you one key tip during this 20 minute session, specifically tailored to help you start your new journey.

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